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Armchair Arcade YouTube Group

Hi, all. We recently created a YouTube Group to collect all of our AA and related videos in one convenient spot. Join today! Also, don't forget we have a presence on Facebook, both with individual pages and an Armchair Arcade group.

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Matt Chat 8: The Secret of Monkey Island!

It took literally all day and all night to get it done, but here it is: Matt Chat 8: The Secret of Monkey Island. This one should be available in HD soon, but it's my understanding that it can take awhile for YouTube to post the option. This is the first time I've attempted to do a HD video, so bear with me. Hopefully, the options will appear after the video has finished processing.

Enjoy the video and please let me know what you think!

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MaximumRD BRAND NEW INTRO. Let me know what you think!

My first attempt at a REAL intro for all future MaximumRD videos. Hope you like it (Be gentle, I am no expert at this stuff LOL!)

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10 Easy Magic Trick Videos

I don't know how many of you are interested in magic tricks, but I think they're cool. Anyway, I just saw link on Digg to this set of 10 magic tricks and how to do them, and it's all in the form of video tutorials. I'd love to learn a few of these for use at parties and to pick things up in a dull class. There are card tricks as well as nifty feats like ripping a phone book in half!

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Top-Ten Coolest LEGO Projects

TechEBlog has a post up about the Top 10 Coolest Lego Gadgets, complete with photographs and videos. You won't believe some of the things people are able to do with Legos--a fully functional pinball machine? A Simon Game? Talk about innovation! I have to admit, I have done little more with Legos than build the pre-boxed Star Wars stuff back in the 80s. I had no idea you could do so much more with them! These folks definitely deserve some props for ingenuity. Or perhaps a psychiatrist.

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More "Control Issues" and PC vs. Console Gaming

Nintendo Wii Controller: Wait until you see the foot pedals.Nintendo Wii Controller: Wait until you see the foot pedals.There's been a great deal of buzz this week about controllers, probably (methinks) inspired by Nintendo's innovations with the Wii. Retroblast has a piece up about Roberto Duran, a maker of awesome custom controllers for very serious gamers. $500 "stikz", anyone? If Duran's work is artistic and highly prized, check out this crap from Elecom. Is this supposed to be an NES-style controller for nostalgia's sake, or a gag gift for Christmas? You'd probably be better off recycling your soon-to-be-worthless dual-shocks for PC play for only $11.

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Pole Position will leave SKID MARKS on your SOUL!

"It'll bust your crank...and leave skid marks on your soul!" Oooohh...Shiver. And let's not ignore the bustin' on the corporate execs--the Hannibals at the gate of the Ancient Atari republic. "You're going to play POLE POSITION!" What the heck am I raving about? This classic Pole Position TV commercial of course. The entire commercial is classic vintage 80s, right down to the hair metal-esque theme. You can click the link or see the YouTube here after the jump. For more kicks--The Cult of Leia's Golden Bikini. The belly dance is definitely worth it.

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Where the Customer is Always Gullible: GameStop (+ Amazing Ping Pong)

Fight the Power.Fight the Power.I've got some fun stuff to put on your queue this morning. First, read this story about a mangled high-pressure sales tactic at a Louisiana GameStop (did you know I was from Louisiana?). Sadly, I've encountered "porcine" salesmen like this at plenty of other software stores, including Best Buy and Circuit City ("No, I do NOT want a mega-extended super warranty or a free subscription to Better Homes and Gardens.") Come to think of it, Radio Shack is pretty bad about the high-pressure stuff, too. They need my mailing address why? When's the last time you had a "helpful associate" try to load you up with overpriced junk? Worse yet, how many times have you let your excitement over a purchase swing you into actually complying with his or her evil wishes?

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Pinball Warriors vs. Space Invaders

Retroblast has a neat post up about a video called Pinball Warriors vs. Space Invaders. It's an old British animation that pits some city-destroying Space Invaders against a cartoon crowd of pinball heroes. I'm getting this must have been very early 80s (if not late 70s).

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Granny Gamer: Bustin' the Stereotypes has a clip from "The G Hole" that features a stereotype-busting granny gamer. I loved watching this clip because it demonstrates that videogames aren't just for young males. Of course, those of us who grew up during the 80s know perfectly well that games aren't just for boys--I grew up playing games like M.U.L.E. and Wizards of Wor with my family, and my mother was addicted to GORF. Still, this grandma is able to get into games that are "intended" for the "target audience," but she's not letting that stop her. Still, there's something about her cackle that makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up...Watch the clip below!

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