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Kickstarter for another handheld / emulation gaming device, BUT WAIT!

I too thought here we go yet ANOTHER handheld portable emulation gaming device! YAWN, Well I don't blame you, that was
my initial reaction as well BUT I have been following this one since Qberaddict1 got a Beta unit and has been doing videos on itm each video got me more and more interested, not an ANDROID device just a pure dedicated emulation and classic gaming handheld which again is nothing new in itself
except I really think that this one might actually hit the magic sweet spot balance between PRICE / FEATURES / PERFORMANCE, because I know there are some good developers already working on it, a lot of well performing emulation has already appeared and they are still being optimized and updated even now. Take it from me as someone who was very skeptical of the recent NEO GEO X as being nothing but a cash in by SNK by licensing a cheap Dingoo like device (this being even truer that I guessed as the device gets disassembled and hacked) to one who has not been impressed by offerings from Sega / SNK and don't even get me started on all the cruddy NES on a chip clones, I have been very impressed with everything I have seen and heard thus far when it comes to the GCW ZERO. Now I know this community, been here long enough so I will pretty much leave it at that, I leave it to you to watch the video and check out the kickstarter info HERE:

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