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Matt Chat 173: Lori and Corey Cole on Quest for Glory

Hi, guys! Welcome back. This is the second segment of my gargantuan interview with QFG designers Lori Ann and Corey Cole. We chat here about their backgrounds, the first QFG game (Hero's Quest), and some thoughts about good puzzle design.

Download the mp4 here.

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Matt Chat 170: Lori & Corey Cole/Dave Marsh Double Feature

I'm back this week with the show's first-ever double feature. In the first segment, I chat with Lori and Corey Cole about their Hero-U kickstarter. Then I switch to Dave Marsh, to chat about his Shadowgate kickstarter. I know people might be getting "Kickstarter Fatigue" at this point, but I think you'll agree that both of these projects are well worth your money.

You can download the video here. If you like the show, please do your part to keep the episodes coming.

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