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Your Game Sucks! (Accepting Nominations)

Sorry. It just does!Sorry. It just does!Hi, guys. I wanted to run an idea past you for a fun podcast segment--"Your Game Sucks!" The idea is to take an indie game and explain (in a humorous way) why it sucks. It may sound mean, but the idea is actually to win it some publicity, and the criticisms will be over-the-top. Think of it more as teasing or satire than genuine insults or criticism.

Anyway, I know Chip has been covering a lot of games in his amazing "Three for the Road" series, so let me know what you'd like me to do. I'm thinking I could cover three per episode for Armchair Arcade Radio. (I'd love to make this a joint segment, but still working on that). I also think it'd be hilarious to get some of the designers in the segment, too, reacting (in character, of course) to the ridiculousness.

So, in general what do you think of the idea, and secondly, what games would you like to see bashed? Remember that this is current indie games, not big-budget stuff or abandonware.

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The Legend of Zelda: Where Michael Jackson and Satanism Meet

Many of us have suspected that the Legend of Zelda smacked of something subversive, and the video below reveals that my suspicions were warranted. Besides the fact that Link's sexuality is an open question, Zelda is actually based on esoteric Satanic and Wacko Jacko rituals, as evidenced by this secret Japanese television commercial for the Super Famicom version:

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