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Rob "MaximumRD" Daviau wins role in The Walking Dead TV show

"Cole E. Coe.": The pipe is made from leftover limbs and bones. Yes, that's real zombie juice in the cup."Cole E. Coe.": The pipe is made from leftover limbs and bones. Yes, that's real zombie juice in the cup.I have some great news for fans of The Walking Dead series and MaximumRD, YouTube star and longtime friend of Armchair Arcade. Last week, Rob was contacted by Sharon Bialy, who casts for the series. In an upcoming episode entitled "Mr. Goo's Castle," the characters must penetrate the lair of a psychopath named Cole E. Coe, who has boobytrapped an entire Canadian shopping mall, using the attract mode of arcade machines to lure in zombies. He dresses his undead prisoners as booth babes to lure innocent gamer survivors--who apparently can't tell the difference between live women and zombies provided they're wearing tight-fitting outfits and bodypaint. The nerds who survive are captured and then subjected to vicious retrogaming-related challenges that the Governor was never sick enough to come up with. These range from jumping over alligators and swinging on vines to escaping the clutches of zombies dressed as smurfs. You don't want to know what he's set up for the "Burgertime" room. It's terrifying stuff.

Apparently, Coe was a retrogamer before the turn who claims he is actually happier now, since there are much fewer new games coming out to distract him from his true passion of making grisly YouTube videos of carnage and death.

Congratulations to Rob! I can't to see his rendering of Cole E. Coe and watch how Rick and co. manage to escape his dastardly clutches.

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Malfunctioning ColecoVision sends Rob Daviau to Alternate Reality

Rob Daviau in Mortal Peril!Rob Daviau in Mortal Peril!Attention all Armchair Arcaders: Rob Daviau, YouTube sensation and longtime friend of the site, has suffered a terrible accident! Foolishly modding a badly wired ColecoVision he received in a mysterious box from "The Doctor," Rob has been ripped out of our spacetime continuum and projected into a terrifying alternate reality! The photo you see here was sent just before the portal vanished; apparently Rob thought it was more important to alert us to his predicament than to use the portal to return! As you can see from the agony on the man's face, this is not a realm he wishes to be, and we must do all we can to save him. Please, if you have a ColecoVision and a Sonic Screwdriver, Rob needs your aid to bring him back home.

Wait, what's that? Another transmission! Transcript follows (breaking news!):

(begin transcript)
Matt: "Hold on, Rob, we can't just leave you there. I know you must be worried that you'll bring back a strange germ or something from that other dimension, but don't worry, we'll be sure to hose you off good when you get here."
Rob: "Matt, NOOOO!"
Matt: "That's right, Rob, just hang in there, we're working as hard as we can here."
(end transcript)

As you can see, the situation is becoming more serious by the moment. Get to work, folks!

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