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Bill wins hundreds of millions in lotto!

Bill is a winner!Bill is a winner!Well, you guys probably heard the news--I, like so many other millions of eager people, got caught up in the huge excitement of the $640 million New Jersey state lotto. Since Bill lives in the state, he casually bought a half-dozen tickets, and--quite unbelievably--the Loguidices are one of the three winners! Unfortunately, they're naturally too excited to post about it here, so they left it to me to summarize what you're gonna see changing around here.

Perhaps the most exciting thing is Bill's Armchair Arcade Museum. Both of us feel it's only right to build it in New Jersey since that's where the winnings came from--and it's where Bill lives, who will of course be contributing the bulk of the exhibits. They will be paying each of the AA staff a great wage just to work there full time, educating the public and, of course, playing as many retrogames as we can stomach. Admission to the museum is free, but you'll have to pay twenty five cents per game. And there will be NO, repeat NO, redemption machines anywhere. Well, except the little crane one where you can win plush Bill and Matt dolls (hey, we have to give something to the ladies!). The museum will also feature a full-service gym equipped with all the latest exergaming equipment (where you'll find Bill most of the time) as well as a full-service microbrewery called Pour of Radiance (where you'll find me most of the time). Somewhere down in the basement will be a TRS-80 programming area (Shawn's hangout). Mark Vergeer will be most likely found in the SHMUPS Emporium, which, as you can guess, will feature all the best SHMUPS in Dutch, of course. You just haven't played Gradius until you've played it in the original Dutch.

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