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Dev Diary 014: Match 3 Invaders with Blender Objects and iTweens

Well, here's the latest version of "Match 3 Invaders," this time with some models created in Blender. I didn't trying to rig or animate anything in Blender yet; I just whipped up a basic invader model and spent the better part of the day trying to get it to work. Rotation issues plagued me throughout. I'm still not sure exactly what's causing the issues, but I have developed workarounds. Apparently, when I bring in the models, they are rotated 270 degrees, which throws off the references in my code to Vector3.right, Vector3.up, and so on. As with the player object, I was able to get around the problem my setting all my references to Space.World instead of Space.Self (global vs. local space).

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