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Commodore USA Teases New Amiga Computers

I almost hesitate to post about Commodore USA yet again, but I have to give the plucky licensor of the "Commodore USA" name credit yet again. Hot on the heels of them designing a new Commodore 64 case to stuff modern day PC components inside, they've now done the same with the Amiga, creating case designs reminiscent of the Amiga 1000, 2000, and 3000, respectively. With their usual hyperbole-filled bluster, they're also describing Amiga Workbench 5.0, which from the description appears to be a fancy skinning of the Linux operating system with Commodore 8-bit and Amiga emulators (as well as of course the option to dual boot or run directly via a standard emulation layer, Windows). For those interested, they've also been doing updates on Twitter and Facebook, so if you're into that sort of thing, you can follow the somewhat scattershot goings on via those services as well. Naturally, I'll continue to check in on the company now and again, but it's with the usual caveat of not expecting much from overpriced PC components stuffed into cases that you may or may not find interesting. On the plus side, they do appear to be offering just the cases for some of the models, so that's certainly sporting of them. No word yet still on when actual products will be available for sale.

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Amiga Forever 2011 and C64 Forever 2011 Released!

Amiga Forever DesktopAmiga Forever DesktopCloanto has released the latest versions of their popular and easy-to-use Amiga Forever and C64 Forever emulators. This is great news for old and new fans of the greatest Commodore platforms, including all versions of the Amiga series (inclusive of the CDTV and CD32), and most of the 8-bit line, including PET, VIC 20, C-64/128, and C-16/Plus4. Around here, it's among our absolute favorite emulation packages and used as pack-ins with various devices, including the MCC, so you know it has to be great.

The full press release details are below, along with all the links to the various packages available:

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Three for the Road: Maze of Space, Death Worm, Crystal Hammer.

Three for the Road
·  · ·· November 14th, 2010: Crystal Hammer, Death Worm, and Maze of Space ·· ·  ·

We are back with another edition of Three for the Road. I had a lot of fun cobbling this edition together this week. Instead of just reviewing indie and homebrew titles, I started to investigate some older software for computers and consoles. Many of these titles were once commercial but have since been religated to abandonware status due to their IP holder being a dissolved company.. or the author just not enforcing his/her copyright due to the age of the software and the inaccessibility of the parent platform. That said, they're easy to find with a simple Google search.

Anyway, let's get to the games...

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Issue 45 of the Commodore Free magazine - October 2010, Now Available!

The latest issue of the excellent Commodore Free magazine is now available in the usual .PDF, .txt, .seq, .d64, and .html formats. Get your copy in the format of your choice here! (contents listed below)

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Episode 4: Duke Nukem Forever, Active Gaming, Violence, special guest Shane R. Monroe, and more!

Shane R. MonroeShane R. MonroeThere's too much content in this episode to cram into a subject line! Clocking in at three hours, episode 4 features an exclusive interview with retrogaming radical Shane R. Monroe and the talents of Mark Vasier (back with a vengeance!), Christina Loguidice, Chris Kennedy, Rob Daviau, Matt Barton, and Bill Loguidice. We also announce and read the winner of our one paragraph videogame back story contest.

Download the episode here (128K format).

Segments and approximate times below:

  • Matt reads "Donkey Kong," the prize-winning short story by Craig A. Meyer (4:00)
  • Mark talks about his first look at Duke Nukem Forever (6:58)
  • Christina on active gaming (18:43)
  • Rob reminisces about the ups and downs of being an Amiga fanboy in Canada (28:17)
  • Chris reviews the recent Supreme Court case on videogame violence (52:40)
  • Matt interviews Shane R. Monroe (1:12:28)
  • Bill talks about a literally killer game, Sub Mission, complete with original cassette audio (2:18:52)
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Issue 44 of the Commodore Free magazine - September 2010, Now Available!

The latest issue of the excellent Commodore Free magazine is now available in the usual .PDF, .txt, .seq, .d64, and .html formats. Get your copy in the format of your choice here! (contents listed below)

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Matt Chat 74: Dune II

This episode features Westwood Studios' real-time strategy game Dune II, the game that launched the genre. It also marks my first attempt at using a green screen! Enjoy, and, as always, please let me know what you think of the game and the video.

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Issue 43 of the Commodore Free magazine - June 2010, Now Available!

The latest issue of the excellent Commodore Free magazine is now available in the usual .PDF, .txt, .seq, .d64, and .html formats. Get your copy in the format of your choice here! (contents listed below)

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Multiple Classic Computer (MCC) Plays Commodore 64 and More

Multiple Classic Computer (MCC)Multiple Classic Computer (MCC) CloseupI received an interesting e-mail yesterday from the folks at Arcade Retro Gaming regarding their Multiple Classic Computer (MCC), which is an Altera Cyclone 3 FPGA in a tiny box, which essentially goes one step beyond traditional emulation with a full simulation of the Commodore 64 (C-64) hardware. Commodore Amiga support will be added soon. The device has full Micro SD support and has a plethora of connection options, including joystick, mouse, and keyboard. It also connects directly to your TV via a high quality s-video connection, which is perfect for classic platforms such as the C-64 and Amiga. Of course, being a programmable FPGA design, future support for additional systems should be trivial.

There are many more details, so I suggest you check out their Website. It sounds like our own Mark Vasier may be the first out of the gate to procure one, so we look forward to his impressions!

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Matt Reviews The Bard's Tale

Hi, guys. Do you remember The Bard's Tale, the epic 1985 role-playing game by Michael Cranford? You should! In any case, perhaps this video will show you why you should care about this classic.

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