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Amiga Projects Need Your Help!

Are you a coder, artist, or musician who wants something fun to work on? Check out this post over at the English Amiga Board. There are several great projects for the Amiga platform that could use your help. Check it out!

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Quick Snaps of the New Fairchild VES/Channel F Pac-Man Homebrew and the Skunk Board for the Atari Jaguar

More quick iPhone photos of new collection additions, this time the amazing new homebrew cartridge for the Fairchild Video Entertainment System (VES)/Channel F, Pac-Man, with an impressive flip-top cartridge shell design, and the Skunk Board (Skunkboard) for the Atari Jaguar, which is a USB-based Jaguar development board containing flash memory as well as the ability to upload to Jaguar RAM. At some point the full color box and manual for the Pac-Man cartridge will also arrive and I'll do a full video review of that and the Pac-Man Collection for the ColecoVision, each of which is stunning in their own right and would have set the world on fire if they were released when these systems were still new.

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New Game - Cannon War - Now Available for the Sinclair ZX81/Timex Sinclair 1000/1500

Canon WarCanon WarANDRE*** has created another new game for the Sinclair ZX81/Timex Sinclair 1000/1500, entitled, "Canon War", which as the manual states, ""CANNON WAR" is an arcade game like we remember. In the game, you control the left side cannon and the computer controls the right side cannon(s). You lose a cannon every time a cannonball hits your defense line. Beware! You must move closer to the enemy to destroy his cannons. You have two versions to play: Version E1 uses keys 5, 6, 7, 8 and 0 (zero). Version E2 uses keys 1, A, I, P and 0 (zero)."

Check it out here: http://www.zx-team.de/andre or here: http://zx81.ordi5.free.fr/andre

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Two New ColecoVision Cartridges - Zippy Race and Pyramid Warp/Battleship Clapton II

Zippy RaceZippy RaceFrom the guys who brought you the Mr. Chin MSX conversion, comes Pyramid Warp/Battleship Clapton II, which ships next week and Zippy Race, which is accepting orders now. Each game is $60 and comes boxed with a manual. I'm looking forward to mine.

Check out their Website for more information on the games, with more details on the announcement below: http://www.colecovision.dk/collectorvision.htm

Pyramid Warp/Battleship Clapton II: http://www.colecovision.dk/coll-warp.htm

Zippy Race: http://www.colecovision.dk/coll-zippy.htm

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Another new ColecoVision cartridge released, plus related news

Building on the platforms already impressive homebrew efforts to date, Dale Wick wrote in to tell me that the new ColecoVision mini-games cartridge compilation is now in stock. I already got my order in previously, but now it's available to everyone more easily. When you're there, be sure to check out the info on a second mini-games cartridge and get a sneak peak at early development on a game inspired by Coleco's never developed (but advertised) Dracula game. All the info here.

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New Game for ColecoVision - Mr. Chin

Mr. Chin for ColecoVision (2008)Mr. Chin for ColecoVision (2008)Another upgraded MSX conversion for the ColecoVision is now available for pre-order, this time, Mr. Chin, originally created in 1984 by HAL Labs. Check out all the details over at the AtariAge forums, here. I put my name of the list! Also, be sure to check out some of the other games mentioned in that thread and the author's profile--you'll see lots of screenshots for some downright amazing already released or forthcoming ColecoVision developments that really take the system to new places!

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New Vectrex Homebrew - Vectrexians (2008) now Available! Includes cartridge, box, overlay and manual!

Kristof's first complete Vectrex game is now available for purchase. Vectrexians is a clone of the arcade classic, Galaxian, and appears to be a superb port and another fine addition to the Vectrex library. Full details with screen and package shots here, including how to order your copy, which is complete with cartridge, box, overlay and manual, all in professionally printed full color. Though the price is a bit high due to the weak dollar if you're not on the Euro, it appears to be a great value for this popular classic platform.

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Space Patrol now Available for Purchase on Cartridge for the Mattel Intellivision - New Homebrew for 2008!

Beeslife is making available the new Moon Patrol take-off, Space Patrol, for the Mattel Intellivision, along with an updated version of the Tetris take-off, 4-Tris. I've been anticipating the release of Space Patrol for some time, so this is welcome news.

A copy and paste from the release:

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Review and Interview for MindRec's Meteor Blaster DX Signature Edition (NEC Turbo Duo (Super CD), 2006)

System: NEC Turbo Duo (Super CD)

Release Date: 2006

Developer: MindRec

Rating: Good


NEC Turbo DuoMeteor Blaster DX Signature Edition is the latest and most elaborate version of the long-running series of homebrew games in NEC's Super CD format from author Bt Garner and his company, MindRecSignature Edition is essentially the same Asteroids-inspired product as the other DX games, save for some slight graphical tweaks, a hidden extra ship, a hidden extra demo, an upgrade to the Loop bonus game, and personalization options.

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You Just Can't Kill the Kong

Every now and then something useful comes along in a MySpace bulletin, and no, it has nothing to do with a Macy's gift certificate or a free iPhone. If only MySpace itself was more user-friendly, seriously, how about the ability to forward bulletins, sometimes I think the whole thing is held together by Scotch tape, and powered by roomful of daisy chained solar powered calculators.

I haven't posted or read much here in awhile, but I think I've got something of interest to the main demographic of AA, and a quick search didn't come up with anything on it. Which would make this the post equivalent of the folks that have to be the first commenter somewhere and add nothing to the conversation but, "Frist!" (And that would be the correct spelling over at Crooks & Liars.)

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