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Bill's Stonekeep Slog 001

Much like my Darklands slog, I have no idea if I'll keep up with this, but I've chosen Stonekeep (which Matt covered in detail here and here) as my "quicker gratification" computer RPG. I did a similar preliminary setup with Stonekep as I did with Darklands, in that I have an original boxed copy of the game, but also have the GoG DOSbox-enhanced version so I can play it directly on my main Windows 7 PC. As I related earlier, Stonekeep was one of the games I owned back in the day in some compilation or another that I was unable to get to run on my PC at the time. That was the way it was back then, where one little incompatibility or not freeing enough main memory for DOS or some such thing would put a serious crimp in your computer game playing plans.

Anyway, my particular boxed copy of Stonekeep came with all the usual stuff, including holographic box cover, CD jewel case with play instructions, nifty hard cover novella, and various warranty cards:
Stonekeep box sprawl
What you see under the stack of inserts are tear sheets from a magazine from the day that has both a review and hints, which the previous owner included. Nothing special, of course, but I always appreciate little touches like that.

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