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Whats Your Favo(u)rite Retro Cartridge Design?

What's the best looking cartridge? What cartridge stacks best? Is more durable? Is handiest to use? Inserts best? Has the best feel? Doesn't get lost? Is most epic? Is most legendary?

There are many different shapes and sizes so it depends I think. Well check out the video if you want to know my answer. And check out the link below if you want to see the original question asked by Lawnboyspost1975:

For modern carts I'd say all the Everdrives! I just Love those new solid state storage solutions for the older systems. Can't wait for the new NES edition to come out. All Hail Krikzz

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Vectrex Regeneration (iOS) - a non-scripted first look

Freshly released Vectrex Emulator running on iOS available in the app store. The app itself is free but actual games are available in a pack and that is about 5-6 Euros. The app is available world wide. Sadly no word of an Android version of the app which should be very possible as the Android and iPad hardware really aren't that different and Android tablets should be able to manage something like this well. Read more below...

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Google Nexus 7 - a more in depth look (HD)

Where to get your bearings in Android and the Nexus 7? Well check out the following pages mentioned in the video:
The Nexus 7 beginner's guide by Shane R.Monroe:

Green Robot Gamer: Real gaming on Android devices:

The emulators from Robert Broglia:

Excellent site with a a lot of interesting articles:

Okay so after fiddling around with my new Nexus 7 I proceeded to do some more serious things with it. Of course I want to be able to use USB thumbdrives and what have you so Rooting the device and installing software that makes the device capable of writing to USB thumbdrives was essential.

Propriocepsis is the system your body uses to interpret the position of joints and tension in muscles. A system really needed when playing with touch controls as tactile feedback is not available touching a glass surface for buttons.

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Crystal Ball Time: Windows 8 VS. Retro-Gaming

Hello everyone. The last part of my article on "Randomness and Zero-Sum" is forthcoming shortly. However I wanted to jump topics for a moment, and bring to your attention a subject that, I believe, will become problematic in the next year or so. Specifically, I want to direct your focus to what I predict as another soon-to-ensue debacle, courtesy of the (not really) friendly folks at Microsoft. Yes, I'm talking about Windows 8. No, I'm not picking on it for the reasons everyone else is.

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The New Armchair Arcade TRS-80 Emulation & Gaming Page:

TRS-80 Emulation & GamesTRS-80 Emulation & Games
We here at Armchair Arcade are very happy to announce a new website feature for our audience: An on-line, in-browser emulation of one of the classic 8-bit computers--the TRS-80 Model III personal computer. You can now play and re-live some of the best 1-color, 8-bit gaming goodness of yesteryear!

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TRS-80 Model III Emulation & Gaming!

We here at Armchair Arcade are very pleased to offer you a unique in-browser retro-gaming and emulation experience.

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Replay 2011 - Mark & Elise

We attended the 2011 edition of the Replay event in Blackpool (UK). We had a fantastic weekend. Here is our footage.

This is the 720p footage as YouTube does wonders (NOT) with darker footage at lower resolutions. Do check out the videos our friends made too!

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