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New CoCo Coding Contest

Hot off the CoCo mailing list press comes word of a new Tandy Color Computer coding contest. As the Website states, "Just about any software that runs on the Tandy Color Computer (1, 2 or 3) is an eligible entry. Whether you finally finish a project that has been simmering on the back burner for years or decide to start something entirely new, you are welcome to enter. See the rules for clarification and details.

Entries will be tested, reviewed, scored, beaten, and mutilated in time to announce the grand prize winner at the 2013 CoCoFest! in Chicago, IL, on April 27 - 28, 2013. You don't need to attend the fest to enter or win (but you'll have more fun if you do!)."

Check out the Website for more details, including how the entries will be distributed, and then get coding!

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One Paragraph Videogame Back Story Short Stories - Every Submission in One Post!

Just like we did with our previous one paragraph short story series, I wanted to get all of the entries in our latest one paragraph short story contest in one posting, this one. If you recall, the theme was fanciful videogame back stories and one lucky participant was eligible for a prize. While some of the Armchair Arcade staff participated, we were naturally not eligible for the contest. After the votes were counted, Craig A. Meyer's Donkey Kong took the prize and his story was featured in Episode 4 of our Armchair Arcade Radio podcast. Now here for your convenient reading pleasure are all eight entries in the reverse order they were submitted:

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Help Armchair Arcade Create a New Custom Drupal Theme for Free Books, Fame, and Riches*

Armchair Arcade's transition to its latest revision is almost - but not quite - complete. While we upgraded our server-side software and feature-set, one thing we're still missing is a killer design theme to really give us that Web 3.0 vibe (Web 2.0 is so 2009). If you know how to create killer Drupal themes or are an artistically inclined designer and would like to help, let us know via our Contact Us form. If we end up using your work, in return you'll get a copy of our books, Vintage Games, complete with an autographed bookmark, as well as an autographed and personalized copy of Wii Fitness for Dummies.

*Fame and riches not actually included with this offer, but you will have the books, our eternal thanks, and a nice mention on our About Us page.

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Win a Copy of the Vintage Games Book and a $25 Gift Card!

Our publisher, Focal Press, which is part of Elsevier, is presently running a contest for you to win a free copy of our book, "Vintage Games: An Insider Look at the History of Grand Theft Auto, Super Mario, and the Most Influential Games of All Time", as well as a $25 gift card. All you have to do is fill out their short survey on which game YOU think is the most influential, here.

Let us know what you put down and if you win!

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New Contest at Armchair Arcade with Great Prizes - GRID for Nintendo DS from Codemasters!

We're proud to introduce a new contest for Codemasters' latest entry in their critically acclaimed GRID racing game series, this time for the Nintendo DS (and boy, does it look great!). The contest begins August 1st and ends August 15th at Midnight EST, so get your entries in now!

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Contest: Come up with the perfect title for my book!

As many of you know, for the past what, two years+ now, I've been working on a book to be published by No Starch Press and distributed by O'Reilly online and at bookstores everywhere in October 2007 (tentative, but looks likely). One of the issues I and my co-author, Matt Barton, have been struggling with with the publisher has been titling this potential opus.

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The 7 Day Roguelike Competition for 2007

The third annual 7DRL challenge is coming! What's a 7DRL? Why its the Roguelike communities answer to the annual IF Competition and the NaNoWriMo thats what!

The date for this years 7DRL is from March 10th to March 18th, you get 168 hours to write a Roguelike.

The rules are simple:

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    Results of the 12th Annual IF Contest

    Well, it's finally over: Check out the results of the 12th annual IF competition. As you can see, there were plenty of entries and plenty of judges. The winner (no big surprise) was Emily Short, a very notable IF author whose game "Floatpoint" scored 113 points. Runners up include "The Primrose Path" by Nolan Bonvouloir and "The Elysium Enigma" by Eric Eve. Even my own humble entry "The Initial State" didn't fare as poorly as I feared, but came in at #28 with 63 points. Download them all and revisit the days when Infocom was king.

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    Help Us Select Armchair Arcade's New Logo - Round 2 "Final"

    06/28/2006 - UPDATE - LAST DAY IS THURSDAY, 06/29/2006, SO VOTE NOW!!!

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    Help Us Select Armchair Arcade's New Logo

    [NOTE: This will be updated as new entries are submitted!]
    Number 8Number 8Do you have ideas for Armchair Arcade's new logo? Do you know someone who would like to design a logo for us to look at? What follows are some very rough ideas of our own. It would be great if we could all work together to see what we like and dislike about various concepts and ideas. As we get closer to issue 8 and our first print issue, it's important we finalize a really clever logo design. The only requirement is that like the current placeholder logo, it has "Armchair" on top and "Arcade" on the bottom, and we're allowed to use it for any purpose without restriction. Bonus points for "Videogames and Computers" under the logo. Of course it needs to be a high resolution original file, preferably vector, or something we could recreate ourselves if it's not. Bonus points from me if it can somehow relay that we're about both Videogames AND Computers, and bonus, bonus points tying together classic, modern and future. If videogame-like characters could somehow interact with the Logo, even better, though they'd have to be original for us to use them. While we can't give anything away at this time, we'll give full credit for full usage rights and maybe something like a signed copy of our first print issue. Thanks!

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