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Tim Cain talks about Fallout 3, Arcanum, Temple of Elemental Evil, and his new MMO

I've just posted the third and final installment of my interview with CRPG master Tim Cain. The subject line pretty much says it all.

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Sean Cooper Talks Syndicate

In part two of my interview with him, Sean Cooper discusses the making of Syndicate, one of the best action strategy games of the 90s and "Bullfrog's finest hour." I don't know about you, but I'd sure like to play his multiplayer version.

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Ten Questions from Gnome's Lair (Interview with Matt Barton)

There's an interview up at Gnome's Lair called Ten Gnomish Questions, an interview with Matt Barton. I had a great time answering these questions; enjoy. I've posted a few additional thoughts below.

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3D Dot Game Heroes - Armchair Arcade Interviews Scott Strichart of Atlus U.S.A.

3D Dot Game Heroes for PS33D Dot Game Heroes for PS33D Dot Game Heroes is an upcoming game for Playstation 3 that is set to be released on May 11th in the U.S.A. and May 14th in Europe. 3DDGH has a distinct retro-feel to it, and I recently had the opportunity to discuss the game with Atlus's Scott Strichart.

Chris: Could you tell us your name and what you do for Atlus U.S.A.?

Scott: I'm Scott Strichart, and my primary role here at Atlus is a localization editor.

CK: What is 3D Dot Game Heroes?

SS: 3D Dot Game Heroes is a light-hearted action-adventure game that pays homage to the golden age of gaming. In it, you control a hero (of your making, if you should choose to do so) who must seek out the six legendary orbs of the six sages in order to stop the Dark Bishop, Fuelle. It's a retro game built with the power of a modern console, something that really captures the spirit of the games a lot of gamers (myself included) grew up on.

CK: Most of us here at Armchair Arcade have a deep appreciation for many games and their place in history. 3D Dot Game Heroes appears to demonstrate its own appreciation for classic games by way of satire or parody. Could you elaborate on this?

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An Interview With The People Behind Armchair Arcade

About a month or so back, Steven Savage interviewed the Armchair Arcade team for his Fan To Pro - The Blog of Professional Geekery, Website. The full interview is now posted on Savage's site, and can be viewed here. Let us know what you think as you delve further into the depths of the minds behind Armchair Arcade (you've been warned!). While there, be sure to check out Savage's book.

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Full Bob Jacob (Cinemaware) Interview Published

Gamasutra has just published my full interview with Bob Jacob! Enjoy. The full version covers many segments I didn't have time to include in the video, including several comments about the development of Cinemaware classics like It Came From the Desert.

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Randolph Carter Interviews Bill Loguidice

Following in the footsteps of his interview with Matt Barton, Randolph Carter of Grinding to Valhalla has interviewed me for a Reading the text feature, linked here. We talk about Vintage Games, Wii Fitness for Dummies and the videogame documentary, as well as some of my gaming habits and thoughts. I'm sure you've heard a lot of this stuff from me before, but I'd still love to hear any and all comments related to this. Enjoy!"

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Matt Barton on Chatterbox Videogame Radio

Last night I was interviewed by the team at Chatterbox Videogame Radio concerning my book Dungeons & Desktops. It's a terrestrial show based in Phoenix, but they are offering downloads of their past shows, including mine here. I think I even managed to get a plug in for Vintage Gaming towards the end! Unfortunately, I think only one of the hosts actually enjoys CRGPs. ;)

These guys are lots of fun, so enjoy the show! Hopefully I didn't make myself sound too bad.

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Review and Interview for MindRec's Meteor Blaster DX Signature Edition (NEC Turbo Duo (Super CD), 2006)

System: NEC Turbo Duo (Super CD)

Release Date: 2006

Developer: MindRec

Rating: Good


NEC Turbo DuoMeteor Blaster DX Signature Edition is the latest and most elaborate version of the long-running series of homebrew games in NEC's Super CD format from author Bt Garner and his company, MindRecSignature Edition is essentially the same Asteroids-inspired product as the other DX games, save for some slight graphical tweaks, a hidden extra ship, a hidden extra demo, an upgrade to the Loop bonus game, and personalization options.

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A Conversation with Chris Taylor of Gas Powered Games

A Chat with Chris TaylorA Chat with Chris TaylorAs you've probably noticed by now, I've been doing a heck of a lot of interviewing lately trying to get some good material for "Dungeons and Desktops," my book on the history of the computer role-playing game. Anyway, it took some doing, but I finally managed to get a few questions through to Chris Taylor, the game designer responsible for Dungeon Siege and Total Annihilation. I had a great time with Dungeon Siege, and am looking forward to the chance to play the sequel. At any rate, I think you'll enjoy reading Mr. Taylor's thoughts on CRPGs.

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