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Matt Chat 112: Depressing Games with Jonas Kyratzes

Well, it's time to break out those handkerchiefs as Jonas and I talk about games that are sad and depressing--and how that can be fun! Well, at least as compelling as a sad movie or book. Specifically, we talk about his games Museum of Broken Memories, Phenomenon 32, The Great Machine, and Last Rose in a Desert Garden, his first project. These are really poetic and avant garde projects, so be sure to check them out if you've any interest in seeing gaming evolve into something more artistic.

Watch above or Download the mp4.

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Matt Chat 111: Interview with Jonas Kyratzes

Jonas Kyratzes is an indie designer who enjoys pushing the boundaries of game design. He's got a lot of great projects under his belt, including The Museum of Broken Memories, Alphaland, Last Rose in a Desert Garden, and much more. Using a more "chat like" format than usual, Jonas and I discuss a range of topics including art, politics, entertainment, and of course, gaming.

Watch above or Download the mp4.

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Matt Chat 108: Cannon Fodder and Mega-Lo-Mania

How'd you like to hear Jon Hare himself perform the awesome theme song to Cannon Fodder? In the fourth installment of my interview with famed C-64 and Amiga designer Jon Hare, we talk about his most famous games after Sensible Soccer: Cannon Fodder and Mega-Lo-Mania, as well as the monumental but ultimately failed effort to complete Sex, Drugs, & Rock'n'roll. And, oh yes, we get to hear Jon break out the acoustic and do a one-off live taping of the famous Cannon Fodder theme. No true Amiga fan worth his Paula would even consider missing this one.

Download the MP4.

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Matt Chat 107: The Sensible Side of Jon Hare

I'm back this week with the third segment of my interview with Jon Hare. In this section, we finally get into the meat of Sensible's catalog, with Jon describing the creation process behind Parallax, Wizball, Sensible Soccer, Wizkid, and SEUCK. Jon's never played Smurf Hunt! Some great stuff here for any fan of the good ol' days when the Amiga reigned supreme.

Download the MP4.

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Jon Hare on Generation F

"At one time we experimented with putting beer in our drinks machine at work...That was a mistake."

Everyone's favorite cynic is back with another round of foreboding about the present and future state of the videogames industry. In this episode, Jon and I continue our discussion of the ups and downs of the casual and mobile market, Speedball 2, then dip into the early days of Sensible Software and what set them apart from the competition.

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Jon Hare and the Stupidization of the Videogames Industry

“Tiny Wings is an insult to professional game designers.”

This week, I chat with Jon Hare, founder of Sensible Software and a guy who doesn't mind telling it like it is. The gist is that back in the day, computer games were made for intelligent people and designers could take bigger risks--after all, an intelligent gamer isn't turned off by a true challenge or learning something new. According to Jon, that changed dramatically after the introduction of the Sega Megadrive/Genesis and the Sony PlayStation. Once the ordinary children could play videogames, the industry got really nervous about anything remotely intellectual and the result is the endless sequels and dumbed down games we're saturated with today. Warning: Jon pulls no punches here. If you're a diehard console or FPS gamer, expect to be offended by this video.

Download the mp4.

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Matt Chat 100: Scott Miller will Live Forever

It's episode 100! Yup, I've finally strolled into 3-digit land. To celebrate, I'm re-releasing Matt Chat #6, the Dungeon Master episode that was deleted from YouTube. It's only available here and on iTunes, so grab it while you can. And, by the way, if you haven't bought our books by now, how lame is that???

Anyway, back to this episode. Scott talks about Max Payne, Prey (which looks awesome, by the way!!), the future of games publishing, and immortality. In a nutshell, he thinks services like OnLive are the future, and retail will wither away and die in a few generations. Companies like EA will exist only to help market and fund big projects. Finally, there will be a universal platform. I've got some comments on this below.

Download the mp4 of Matt Chat 100.
Download the mp4 of Matt Chat 6 (Dungeon Master) here.

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Matt Chat 98: Interview with Scott Miller, Pt. 1

This week's episode contains the first segment of my interview with Scott Miller, founder of Apogee, 3D Realms, and The Radar Group. He's also a marketing genius who made a fortune from shareware, and recruited talent like Romero and Carmack among others. In short, you can't miss these if you're serious about videogame history.

You can download the episode here.

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Matt Chat 97: The Horde & More with Paul Reiche and Fred Ford

In my final segment with Star Control creators Fred Ford and Paul Reiche III, we discuss a range of issues including abandonware, their 90s games for 3DO and Playstation, and their plans for Star Control 4. We even talk about their choice of alcoholic beverage! I went through a brief fruity drink phase myself, mostly because one of the local Chinese restaurants in Natchitoches, Louisiana had insanely cheap rum drinks (Zombies, Mai-Tais, etc.) that came in really funky (even scary) looking mugs. Anyway, here's the video!

You can also download the MP4.

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Matt Chat 96: Paul Reiche and Fred Ford on Star Control

Hi, folks, I'm back this week with part two of my interview with Fred Ford and Paul Reiche. In this installment, we talk about Free Fall Associates, Toys for Bob, and, of course, Star Control.

Download the mp4 here.

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