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Multiple Classic Computer (MCC) Plays Commodore 64 and More

Multiple Classic Computer (MCC)Multiple Classic Computer (MCC) CloseupI received an interesting e-mail yesterday from the folks at Arcade Retro Gaming regarding their Multiple Classic Computer (MCC), which is an Altera Cyclone 3 FPGA in a tiny box, which essentially goes one step beyond traditional emulation with a full simulation of the Commodore 64 (C-64) hardware. Commodore Amiga support will be added soon. The device has full Micro SD support and has a plethora of connection options, including joystick, mouse, and keyboard. It also connects directly to your TV via a high quality s-video connection, which is perfect for classic platforms such as the C-64 and Amiga. Of course, being a programmable FPGA design, future support for additional systems should be trivial.

There are many more details, so I suggest you check out their Website. It sounds like our own Mark Vasier may be the first out of the gate to procure one, so we look forward to his impressions!

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"Commodore USA" Accounces a PC in a Commodore 64-style Case

It looks like "Commodore USA" finally got a proper Commodore branding license, and this time it looks like they don't have to lie about it. In the Press Release quoted at the bottom of this blog post, the company talks about their bright idea of replicating the original Commodore 64 breadbox design and cramming PC components inside as one of their new offerings. Besides the fact that something like this would have serious usability and cosmetic issues, and considering the scam they tried to pull when they first formed, I wouldn't trust this company with a penny. With that said, if they were even half-way smart, they would forgoe this silly business with the case and strike another actual licensing deal and pre-load and pre-configure the deluxe versions of both C64 Forever and Amiga Forever, and throw in a good game controller, actually allowing all their systems to masquerade as proper "next gen" Commodores, rather than generic PCs with a Commodore sticker on it. Of course, that would be giving those guys a bit too much credit.

Press Release

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Commodore 64 .prg Generator Beta Available!

Some fun news for Commodore 64 fans and enthusiasts--the latest beta for the Commodore 64 .prg generator, C64PrgGen, is now available for download! This nifty utility gives you a handy Commodore 64 program development utility for Windows. Put simply, you can type (or copy and paste) in your Commodore 64 BASIC or machine code into C64PrgGen and it will both assemble and run your code with a single click. C64PrgGen automatically generates a .prg file, which can run directly in your favorite Commodore 64 emulator or on the real hardware using the typical methods for transferring and running "ROM" files. Neat stuff and well worth checking out.

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Armchair Arcade TV: Episode 2 - Mancopter

Hello again, everyone, I'm back with Episode 2 of "Armchair Arcade TV", this time on Datasoft's 1984 closet classic, Mancopter for the Commodore 64 (C-64). The majority of technical issues from last episode - which were mostly related to a dying hard drive - have been resolved, plus I've gained another episode's worth of experience on Adobe Premiere Elements. I have a proper HD camera coming soon, so that may make it for Episode 3 or 4, improving video quality of the host segments, and after that I'll address the audio issues. In any case, I'm much happier with this episode and look forward to future productions. The full episode transcript is below the video.

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Wrath of Denethenor Live - Part 2

Wrath of Denethenor is an early Ultima clone written for the Apple II and C64 by Christopher Crim and published by Sierra On-Line in 1986 (c64) and 84-85 (Apple II).

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C-64 Loading Screens meet Vector Art

Just saw something great at Gamesetwatch: Vectorized Commodore 64 Loading Screens. The screens look pretty cool! Check it out.

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Wrath of Denethenor Live - Part 1

Wrath of Denethenor is an early Ultima clone written for the Apple II and C64 by Christopher Crim and published by Sierra On-Line in 1986 (c64) and 84-85 (Apple II).

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C64 Flicker Fixers!

Individual Computers have announced some new products, amongst them is a flicker fixer cartridge for the c64!

Read the full press release at http://icomp.de/news/news131_e.htm

Flickerfixer for the C64

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Ultima III Gold C-64 (C64)

Surfing around I ran into this page here. Some amazing guy has enhanched and recoded much of Ultima III for the c64.

So much so, he compressed the original two disks into one disk. Apparently the code was really bad, they left most of the Apple II stuff un optimised, the text notes that the graphics were internally in Apple II format in RAM and were converted on the fly each time the tile was blitted to the screen.. Yikes. No wonder it was super slow.

Anyway, this version plays so much sweeter.

I also like the removal of the forced Sosaria world map save!

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Rare Commodore 64 (C-64, C64) pixel art unearthed!

While not exactly as monumental or groundbreaking as my tongue-in-cheek title would imply, in my small world it's something fun that I wanted to share--original pixel art (much like AA staffer Mark Vasier's wonderful icons that we often use on blog posting headers, like the C-64 icon to the upper left) not seen since the mid-1980's. Without further ado, here's the public unveiling of original artwork done by myself and late friend, Ed Beck, done back in our youth on the Commodore 64, armed only with lots of time, a joystick and crude, but effective art programs.

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