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Where are they now? Street Fighter II Warriors

A site called College Humor has a really well-done and funny video up called Street Fighter: The Later Years. The video picks up 10 years after SF 2, and shows what life is like now for two SF characters--Zangif and Dhalsim. It appears to be part of an upcoming series of shorts, and I'm already looking forward to the next installment.

Secondly, though it can't compete with Bill's massive retro studio, you should definitely check out Jeff Kinder's Gameroom. Kinder is a Dragon's Lair freak with one of the sweetest basement arcades in the US! Bill--Kinder lives in northern New Jersey. Coincidence?

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Mr. Roger's Plays Donkey Kong, Heirloom PC Cases, Best of Sega Master, C-64 Games on the Wii

Mr. Rogers: What, you thought Mr. Rogers wasn't into gaming?Mr. Rogers: What, you thought Mr. Rogers wasn't into gaming?I've been so busy lately that I haven't been able to keep up with my blog reading...And boy, have I missed some cool stuff. Let me run through some of the most interesting posts. First off, from Kotaku comes this snippet of A Mr. Roger's Neighborhood episode featuring Donkey Kong. Fred Rogers reveals himself to be a true hacker, asking not just to play the game but to see inside the box to see how it works. Fun! And, by the way, anyone who thinks Fred Rogers was a pedo is truly sick. Next up, Racketboy runs through the best games for Sega's Master System, starting off with Phantasy Star. Psycho Fox, anyone? Thirdly, buried in this site is an announcement that Epyx will be releasing some of its C-64 titles for the Wii. Sorry, no titles as of yet...!

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Don't Download this Song! Weird Al's Take on the RIAA

I really don't know where I'd be today if it weren't for Weird Al Yankovic. I grew up with his music, listening to his casettes on my ghetto blaster until they wore out. By that point, I had them memorized, so all was good. :-) Anyway, I have some very big news for Weird Al fans like me (and Bill!) Weird Al has just released another free song: Don't Download This Song. It's a satire on the music industry's war on file sharers. Definitely worth a listen, no matter which side of the issue you're on. Enjoy!

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NES Worlds: Novels based on NES Games

1UP is running a hilarious feature called 8-Bit Lit: Behind the Worlds of Power. These were books for children based on such popular NES games as Castlevania, Metal Gear, and Ninja Gaiden. The authors of the article do a great job providing snippets from these amazingly poorly written books published by Scholastic. Apparently, Scholastic was even more draconian about censorship than Nintendo!

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Casual Gaming and Upcoming Classic Remakes for Wii

There's lots of interesting news in my Google Reader today. Perhaps the best place to start is an article on Gamasutra called Will 'Casual' Games Dominate the Future of the Industry?. This is a question Bill and I have been asking a lot lately on AA, and it's interesting to see how the opinions of the "professional analysts" GS pulled together compare with our own. I also have some news about upcoming Wii remakes, news of another "eye-based" controller, and more funny ads from GameSetWatch.

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Gaming on a Macintosh (YouTube + Rant)

My friend Clancy over at Kairosnews just posted a link to this spoof about gaming on the Mac. It's a spoof of all those "hip" Apple commercials I haven't ever seen because I never watch television, but it's still pretty funny (if a bit unfair). The theme is, "Photoshop isn't a game." I might add, "Boot Camp is not a game, either."

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Classic Gaming Stop-Motion Video: Mmmm....Yummy.

Well, I've seen my share of strange YouTubes, but Game Over deserves a prize for inventiveness. The director has managed to recreate scenes from Centipede, Asteroids, Pac-Man, Frogger, and Space Invaders with stop-motion photography, food, and a great deal of odds and ends he must have had lying around the house. It's actually quite entertaining, but of course, I'm wondering when he'll take the next step and actually remake these games using his graphics. That would definitely make for a surreal experience. Check out the video at the link above or below the fold here.

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Armchair Arcade: The Style, the Tone

Well, we've been at this for a couple of months now, and I daresay that we're beginning to settle into a nice groove. Everyday there are at least two news items that we hope you will enjoy checking out--and of course plenty of commentary on these items from your editors. Sooner than you think, we will be rolling out what we hope will be one of the best issues of Armchair Arcade to date. However, I think it's safe to say that we are still officially in a "beta state," and still open to suggestions and ideas about the future. You all have been very forgiving and patient with us during this transition, and I really, really appreciate it. Thanks.

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More "Control Issues" and PC vs. Console Gaming

Nintendo Wii Controller: Wait until you see the foot pedals.Nintendo Wii Controller: Wait until you see the foot pedals.There's been a great deal of buzz this week about controllers, probably (methinks) inspired by Nintendo's innovations with the Wii. Retroblast has a piece up about Roberto Duran, a maker of awesome custom controllers for very serious gamers. $500 "stikz", anyone? If Duran's work is artistic and highly prized, check out this crap from Elecom. Is this supposed to be an NES-style controller for nostalgia's sake, or a gag gift for Christmas? You'd probably be better off recycling your soon-to-be-worthless dual-shocks for PC play for only $11.

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Pole Position will leave SKID MARKS on your SOUL!

"It'll bust your crank...and leave skid marks on your soul!" Oooohh...Shiver. And let's not ignore the bustin' on the corporate execs--the Hannibals at the gate of the Ancient Atari republic. "You're going to play POLE POSITION!" What the heck am I raving about? This classic Pole Position TV commercial of course. The entire commercial is classic vintage 80s, right down to the hair metal-esque theme. You can click the link or see the YouTube here after the jump. For more kicks--The Cult of Leia's Golden Bikini. The belly dance is definitely worth it.

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