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Announcing Thrust Lifter: A New Game by Matt Barton

Just in time for Christmas!

Armchair Arcade is proud to present a spanking new game from Matt Barton: Thrust Lifter!

Thrust LifterThrust LifterSpace. For most people, it's just an abstract concept, like Hollywood or an honest politician. For you, it's a day job. Sure, you won't find "rescuing trapped space miners" on your resume, but that's because you don't have a resume. You're known in this galaxy simply as "The Captain." Most folks think you're a hero. Others think you're just plain nuts. But one thing's for sure--they all call YOU when it's a matter of life or death.

You see, mining has never been the safest occupation, but multiply it by ten--make it a a hundred--when you're talking space mining. The rewards are great, but so is the danger. When all you've got is a half centimeter of neoprene-coated nylon between you and vacuum, though, it's nice to know that someone like you is up there watching your butt.

It's never been easy, but I don't have to tell you that, Captain. But now we're getting reports of unidentified flying objects in sector 42--aliens, if you can believe it. All the other pilots are too spooked to even enter the sector. I need you go there, Captain, and rescue those Chilenoids. Get'em out of the tunnels and mountains and bring them back to their home base.

I suspect this is a one-way mission, Captain. So I'll just say goodbye, and it's been an honor serving with you.


Admiral Blount

Thrust Lifter is a game of timing and precision. Guide your lander into narrow tunnels, avoiding collisions with walls, fires, lava, electricity, and all manner of aliens. Get to the Chilenoids before they run out of oxygen and bring them back to the home pad before taking off to your next destination.


  • 15 beautiful, massive levels for you to navigate
  • Five original songs composed by Matt Barton with keyboards and real electric guitar
  • Amazing fire, lightning, and particle effects
  • Sprites built from 3D graphics made with Blender
  • Two boss fights
  • Compete to finish levels in the shortest time
  • High score list
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Mayhem by Matt: HTML 5 Version

Mayhem: Play it now in your browser!Mayhem: Play it now in your browser!Here's my game "Mayhem by Matt" now fully playable in your browser! Blast those planes, crush those blocks, destroy the mighty PLANE GOD OF ROBOT DEATH that waits for you at the end...!

Mayhem by Matt
The music in this version is by Kevin MacLeod. My old music wouldn't work because they were in MIDI format. I also made some gameplay and coding tweaks, particularly to the collision code. Enjoy!

Overall, the conversion process wasn't bad for this one...Mostly just cleaning up bad code from the original. I learned a lot of stuff making Jeepney Jeepers that I was able to apply here, though I still left some of the spaghetti--hey, if it works, don't fix it, right? Have fun! Just click "read more" to play the game. NOTE: For whatever reason, if you're on Firefox you may not be able to click on the "START" button below. Just hit your ENTER key instead!

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Jeepney Jeepers: All-Original Retrogame from Myth Core Productions

Jeepney Jeepers: Multiball FTW!Jeepney Jeepers: Multiball FTW!Armchair Arcade is pleased to present Jeepney Jeepers, the all-new game from Myth Core Productions, designed and programmed by Matt Barton with comics and graphics by Elizabeth Barton.

Aliens have landed in southeast Asia, and the only thing standing between THEM and humanity man and his jeepney. Are you brave, fast, and just plain dumb enough to snap on that space-age laser prototype and defend the earth? Of course you are! So get your butt in that jeepney, yup!

  • An homage to classics block-busting games like Arkanoid and Breakout but with a crazy twist!
  • Blow up blocks, roast the invaders, rescue your fellow humans and--above all else--get to the last level and take on the awesome might of THE GORFINATOR
  • Collect upgrades and unleash the unbelievable block-busting power of the five-pronged MULTIBALL
  • Bust that crit bubble for the amazing SUPERBALL
  • Bounce up them balls as much as YOU want, no more, no less
  • Feelin' lonely? Bust out those poor little refugees for fun, fame, and profits
  • Get the energy boost powerups and ram right through the blocks with your jeepney
  • Surrounded? Don't panic, make THEM panic with your amped up car horn
  • Twelve colorful levels with an awesome retro-arcade inspired boss fight
  • Compete with friends and family for the honor of the High Score table
  • Why ain't you playing this already?

Download this sweet mama right now!
JEEPNEY JEEPERS (version: 1.04b)

And if you enjoy playing this game, please leave us a comment below. It's man and womandatory.

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Mayhem now available on YoYo Games

I was able to successfully upload Mayhem (now "Mayhem by Matt" since Mayhem was taken) to YoYo Games. I'm pretty proud of my first serious effort with Gamemaker 8. I thought it would be available to play in a browser via the plugin, but guess I was wrong. At any rate, if you do enjoy it, please rate it.


Mayhem by Matt
Added: 11 March 2011
By: blacklily8

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Play Matt's First Action Game: Mayhem Matt for Free!

Mayhem Matt: A platform/SHMUP with destructible terrain!Mayhem Matt: A platform/SHMUP with destructible terrain!Here you go, folks: A Matt Barton original! I'm still considering putting in a few more bells and whistles, but I think it's pretty fun now. Are you good enough to beat level 5 and save the planet? Just don't take too long, or you'll get the ground knocked out under your feet. Enjoy!

Instructions: Run, jump, and shoot! Shoot down the planes before they destroy the earth (literally). Collect power ups for weapon and speed boosts. If you get hit with a bullet or fall to your death, you'll lose a life -- and your collected powerups!

Arrow keys move, space bar shoots.

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