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Exclusive VCF East Audio - Hear Commodore Engineers Chuck Peddle, Bil Herd, Bob Russell, Dave Haynie and more!

I have made the zip files available of the WMA-converted (downgraded) WAV recordings from some of the panel seminars at the 2007 version of VCF East (4.0) in Wall Township at the InfoAge Learning Center, from Saturday, June 9, 2007. There are some true gems in there, so if you have ANY interest in the origins of personal computing and Commodore, I suggest you give these a listen!

The panel's star was legend Chuck Peddle, inventor of the famous MOS Technology 6502 chip, used in a wide variety of classic single-board computers and in microcomputers such as the Commodore PET, C-64 and the Apple II. Peddle was piped in via videoconference (Skype) from Sri Lanka. Multi-generational Commodore engineers Bil Herd, Bob Russell, and Dave Haynie were live onsite.

The recordings:

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Computer Camp Love: Fun Commodore 64 "Nerd Rock"

Some days you just have to wonder how lame life must have been before the internet. I can't get enough of this video! Check it out and please let us know what you think!

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Reminder: Fourth Annual Vintage Computer Festival this weekend in New Jersey

This is just a reminder that VCF East 4.0 will be held this coming weekend in Wall Township, New Jersey. There will be talks with some past Commodore greats from around the PET era, plenty of displays and a flea market. I'm going to try and make the Saturday session if all goes well.
From the Website:

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History of Ghostbusters for the C-64

I can't believe I missed this great article at Next Generation: The Making of Ghostbusters for the C-64. For those of you who haven't played this classic, shame on you--go out and experience what many critics (including this one) take as one of the best, if not the best, ever licensed title ever. Considering that the development team hadn't even seen the movie (at least until the last stages), it's really amazing that this game turned out so well. After all, it would have been so easy to make a cheesy shooter or platform game out of it; anything but a business sim!

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micro-KIM Pre-orders soon - Commodore PET pre-cursor

micro-KIM: Prototype from Briel Computersmicro-KIM: Prototype from Briel ComputersBriel Computers, the gentleman responsible for the popular "replica 1" Apple I clone and the in-progress "Altair PC" Altair 8800 modern re-imagining is at it again, this time with the "micro-KIM", a modern clone of MOS Technologies' KIM-1, which was originally created in 1975 by legendary engineer Chuck Peddle, and a pre-cursor of sorts to the rise of Commodore and the PET. Visit the Website for full information and to send Mr. Briel an e-mail expressing your interest in a pre-order (and at a projected $99, it seems like a good deal). I know I did!

The latest from Mr. Briel (typos edited):
"The final prototype is being tested before pre-orders begin. Before production can start on a new project like this, we need a minimum of 10 pre-orders. Soon an email will go out explaining this and the expected wait time. If you want to help get this project off the ground help by being one of the first 10 pre-orders. Once there are 10 pre-orders, the order will go into the board house to make the blank boards and that takes about 4 weeks. Once the boards arrive, kits will be made. The goal is to start taking pre-orders no later than June 30th.

If only 5 people pre-order, that probably won't be enough and if too much time goes by, refunds will be given. However, I don't expect that to be a problem."

One of the descriptions from the Website (typos edited):

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Protovision Update March 2007 - Commodore 8-bit Computers (C-64, C-128, etc.) - English and German

Below are the latest English and German updates from Protovision for Commodore's best-selling 8-bit computer series:

(German version below)


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Cottonwood BBS - Now on Color 64! Last C-64 BBS in America?

Cottonwood BBS Headquarters: C-64, multiple disk drives, CMD hard drive, etc.Cottonwood BBS Headquarters: C-64, multiple disk drives, CMD hard drive, etc.Thanks to The Vintage Computer forums for the heads-up via Andrew's (aka Balzabaar) posting on the Cottonwood BBS. Apparently Andrew still has set up what could quite possibly be the last active Commodore BBS in America and recently updated it Color 64 v7.37, which allows for very visual client displays with the right software on the person's computer who's dialing in. While according to Andrew's Website there's a way to access the site via PC, obviously this is designed for access with a real Commodore 64 (C-64) and either 300 or 1200 baud modem. The nice thing is that you can even download the terminal software directly from the Website (and get it to your real C-64 any of the typical ways).

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Legendary Game Archon Set to Return?

Archon's Amazing Box Cover Art: From WikipediaArchon's Amazing Box Cover Art: From WikipediaAh, Archon for 8-bit computers, besides having one of the greatest videogame covers of all time on the famous Electronic Arts album format, was nearly a perfect blend of strategy and action. It's almost like a chess/checkers combination, but where the pieces battle for control of squares in fast action arcade style combat. The game was arguably best on the Atari 8-bit computers and Commodore 64 (C-64), but it was released on many other platforms of the day, including the Atari XEGS (same as the Atari 8-bit version, just on cartridge) and NES consoles. While the game spawned a sequel, Archon II: Adept, in a short amount of time, that *gasp*, tried a totally different angle, it didn't have the same magic as the original. In fact, that would be a problem with other off-shoots and inspired-by's on various platforms, they just didn't capture the same feel as on the Atari 8-bit or C-64 for whatever reason.

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Commodore: Protovision Updates for January 2007 (English and German)

The latest Protovision update is below:Commodore 128: Photo: Bill LoguidiceCommodore 128: Photo: Bill Loguidice

(German version below)

CBMImager for Windows by Uncle Tom and Doc Bacardi of The Dreams has been updated recently. This is a tool to edit disk images. D64 and DFI images are fully supported while there is read-only access to HD images.
For those who do not know: DFI is a custom disk archive format used by the DreamLoad plugin for MMC64. While a D64 is limited to 171 KB, a DFI image can be of unlimited size in theory. Furthermore the DFI format supports subdirectories.

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Review: Electronic Arts' "M.U.L.E." (1983)

Dani Bunten's multiplayer trading game, M.U.L.E., is the best family-friendly multiplayer computer game ever designed.

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