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Amiga/Commodore Audio Interviews with Andy Finkel has posted links to interviews with Andy Finkel, an engineer who worked on everything from the Vic-20 to the Amiga. The sound quality is good and sure to be a hit with any true Amiga fan!

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Text, Image and Video Overview of Impossible Mission 2025 - The Special Edition (CD32, 1994)

The month of the Commodore Amiga CDTV/CD32 continues with a quick overview - including direct screen capture and video - of Impossible Mission 2025 - The Special Edition for the CD32. As stated earlier, I'm going to go into these overviews as if the CD32 version were an "island", meaning I will simply take the games as they are, paying little mind to whether the game is a simple floppy port or a fully realized platform-specific experience. In other words, whether you can play the same exact game on an AGA (or even OCS/ECS!) Amiga computer from a single floppy drive in lieu of this CD-based multimedia platform, it will have no bearing on my opinion. Now, "stay awhile" and let's get to it:

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Commodore Amiga CD32 Visual Inventory

The month of the Commodore CDTV/CD32 continues with a visual inventory of my CD32 collection, much of which will be featured throughout the rest of the month, particularly in regards to playthroughs and reviews of the software. These exclusive high resolution photos are as follows:

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Full CDTV Package

Full CDTV packageFull CDTV packageLet me say first and foremost I am loving this THEME idea! Concentrating on various retro platforms is a smart idea. As I've said in my other posts, I have always considered the Amiga platform as shafted and often overlooked and underrated. I DO own an NTSC version of CD32. As for the CDTV, well let me say that when that came out I was young and very poor, but man did I want one of those. I too had forseen the future of computing as being optical disc based and multi-media driven, so the debut of the CDTV was awe inspiring to me; I mean the heart of an Amiga 500 with optical drive, digitized video in a sleek BLACK interior? Holy crap, I am not sure if the BLACK version of the 1084 monitor came to US / Canada, but man I wanted one, and combined with the CDTV? Well damn, look for yourself!

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Armchair Arcade Announcement: March 2008 is the Month of CDTV/CD32!

It's the month of CDTV/CD32!It's the month of CDTV/CD32!Do you know what month it is? Do you have any idea what good times await you this month on Armchair Arcade? It's the Month of CDTV/CD32, of course! Brace yourself!

That's right--this month at Armchair Arcade, your friendly editors will be focusing our attention on Commodore's intriguing duo of CD-ROM based platforms. We'll be bringing you historical information, hands-on looks at emulation and gaming, videos, editorials, collector information...Good God, it's practically like owning one of these units yourself! Please share with us all of your stories and thoughts about the CDTV and the CD32. Do not hold anything back. This is The Month of the CDTV/CD32.

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Chowaniec on the history of the Amiga

I know that few AA regulars will want to miss this interview with Adam Chowaniec, a PC pioneer who was responsible for creating the Amiga (probably my favorite computer platform of all time).

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Gamasutra's "A History of Gaming Platforms" - The Commodore 64 (Loguidice and Barton)

Just an FYI, Gamasutra will be running the ongoing A History of Gaming Platforms from myself and Matt Barton, which will be a series of excerpts from my book that has been over two years in the making. They are committed to an initial run of six excerpts (six systems of the 40+ covered in the same detail as this modified C-64 entry). Today it's on the front page of Gamasutra as their cover feature, but the direct link to the article is here. In regards to the book, there have been some issues with the publisher I had (even though it's still listed for pre-order at Amazon and elsewhere), so we are in search of a new one at this time, but there are plenty of prospects out there and I'm certainly curious what the reaction will be to some of these modified excerpts. I can't say the C-64 entry is my favorite entry, but some of the future entries certainly are. I'll be curious to see how my own perceptions gel with public reaction as this will be the first time some of this material will be widely available.

As a heads-up, the next entry will be on the Vectrex and will run sometime next month. I also believe I have finally found a photographic technique I'll be happy with, so you should also see greatly improved images to go along with that. Enjoy and let me know what you think!

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Protovision Commodore Updates for July 2007 - English and German

C-128C-128Direct release from Protovision:
(German version below)

RR-Net, the network interface card for MMC64 and Retro Replay, is again available from the Protovision Online Shop!

Online Shop:

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Photo of the Week - Know your History! (01 - Commodore PET 2001-8)

Welcome to the first of an ongoing series of exclusive photos here at Armchair Arcade from my private collection, the Commodore PET 2001-8.

The photo's main page.
The full-size image.

Without further ado, here are some neat facts about this week's photo (feedback welcome!):

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Photos from VCF East 4.0 2007 - Saturday Session - Vintage Computers and Commodore Engineers

Chuck Peddle on the Big Screen: VCF East 4.0 2007Well, I finally got around to posting the VCF East 4.0 2007 photos from the Saturday session on June 9, 2007. Unfortunately I was not able to find a single online photo sharing service (since I didn't want to kill bandwidth here at AA or on my personal Website) that met all of my needs, but Flickr took care of the album part of it all and Photobucket took care of the easily-embed-photos-on-here part (though I doubt I'll use it much as it's a lot of work to get it to display right).

Check out the full set of photos here. I'm still working with Bill Degnan of the MARCH club on getting the audio hosted, so hopefully I'll have that back up soon and easily accessible. Enjoy and don't forget to leave your comments here!

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