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Free BENEATH THE STEEL SKY adventure game.

I just came across this, don't know how long it has been or will remain available but I figured a great free game from a great site there is no better time to check it out/sign up. I did a video to let my Youtube subscribers know but they are doing site maintenance right now DOH! Thought I would fill you guys in to! Below my original post/info (On my Facebook group)

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December Promotion - 50% off Sweetopia now until December 31st plus New Games and Add-ons

SweetopiaThrough our affiliation with PlayFirst, we are able to offer a 50% discount to our readers for the entire month of December for Sweetopia, the hilarious action puzzler from Gamelab that you can also try freely online. The following coupon codes expire December 31, 2007:

PC version - decsweet
Mac version - decsweetmac

In this fast-paced chain-popper, something in the candy factory has gone dreadfully awry. The latest batch of sweets on the conveyor belts has explosive potential and it's up to you and Kate to return the factory to the Sweetopia it once was. Simply stop the Sherbet Sizzlers from colliding before you enter a sugar shock!

Click here or on one of the links below to go to the PlayFirst Website and enjoy!

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November Promotion - 20% discount on Egg vs. Chicken!

Egg vs. ChickenThrough our affiliation with PlayFirst, we are able to offer a 20% discount to our readers for the entire month of November for Egg vs. Chicken, the hilarious action puzzler from Gamelab. The following coupon codes expire December 1, 2007:

PC version - noveggvschicken
Mac version - noveggvschickenmac

Click here or on one of the links below to go to the PlayFirst Website and enjoy!

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Big Thanks to Everyone for Enjoying PlayFirst Games!

As you know, running a site such as Armchair Arcade takes money, and, while we'd still do this even if the Website didn't generate a penny to help offset our hosting and bandwidth costs, it's nice when something we offer does work. This brings me to our affiliate program with PlayFirst, publishers of fine small form games for platforms like the PC, Macintosh and Web. That's been by far the biggest hit of our modest efforts and we just wanted to take a moment to thank all the AA'ers who took the time to click on the links, play some of the games offered and make purchases of their favorites. It's very much appreciated! For those who haven't checked it out yet, click on over to PlayFirst with the following links:

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Feature Article: Defining Past and Present Game Genres


Why past and present?  Certain game types, while still alive through the efforts of thousands of active hobby programmers, are no longer available in mainstream retail outlets and thus don’t knowingly exist to large portions of the game playing public.  Therefore, described in alphabetical order is what has been and what is still available.  Keep in mind, however, that one of the beauties of gaming is that many games don’t fit neatly into one specific category.  When example software titles are listed, only the publisher or developer is noted in parentheses, along with one of the systems or platforms the game appeared on.

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Feature Article: Defining Home Videogame, Computer and Handheld Eras


What is often lacking in casual discussion of eras or time periods when certain systems or types of technology dominated is an agreed upon definition of what these really encompassed.  Below is one attempt at defining the significance of eras in the key classifications of home videogames, computers

Modojo names Top 15 GB Games

Mobile gaming blog Modojo recently featured an article on the Top 15 GB Games.

I enjoyed how they kept their list to only the old-school black and white GB games, but disagree with several of their choices.

However, they did make a few decent ones. Here's one of them.

Gargoyle's Quest This spin-off title takes it's main character from the famous Ghosts n' Goblins series. However, you won't be playing as Arthur, but instead as the fiesty gargoyle Firebrand. Firebrand is destined to become the Red Blaze, the mighty savior of the Ghoul Realm, and defeat the evil King Breagar. The gameplay differentiates between an overhead world map, and side-scrolling combat levels with light RPG elements. Missing out on this wonderful GB gem is a shame that's not so easy to live down.

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Interesting "Upgrade Your Game" Contest involving free Visual Studio Express

Namco's Ms. Pac-Man/Galaga Anniversary Arcade MachineNamco's Ms. Pac-Man/Galaga Anniversary Arcade MachineApparently, just for registering your free copy of Microsoft's Visual Studio Express at this Website enters you into an interesting drawing for a full-size Namco Ms. Pac-Man/Galaga anniversary arcade machine, t-shirt or Atari TV game. The intent seems to be to spur "arcade game" development.

According to the Website:

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