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Three for the Road: February 6th, 2011

Three for the Road[ FEB . 06 . 2011 ]

Three for the Road: 02.06.2011Greetings folks! Welcome to the February 6th, 2011 edition of Three for the Road. This week we are going to take a look at three great doujin shooters by the one man powerhouse that is Kenta Cho.

First we take a look at one of his early bullet barrage shooters, then we explore his shoot'em up meets Katamari Damacy mash-up, and finally we take a gander at his homage to one of the greatest fixed screen shooters ever made.

BTW: This is only a sampling of Kenta Cho's work, so be sure to check out his website for some more great shoot'em up action.

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