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Bliss-Box - Use just about any controller from any system with your favorite PC emulator over USB!

Bliss-Box Prototype (Blue)Bliss-Box Prototype (Blue)I came across this unusual homebrew offering and thought it interesting enough to share. For anywhere from $35 - $150, this gentleman will create a USB device that interfaces with from one console or computer port ($35), all the way up to 12+ ($150) console or computer ports. Bottom line, that means you can use just about any controller from just about any system (Atari 2600, Mattel Intellivision, Sega Genesis, Super Nintendo, 3DO, Sony PlayStation, Microsoft Xbox, etc.) with your favorite HID-compliant PC emulator, creating more of that "real feel" experience that we're always after. The pricing is actually reasonable for a hand-made product like this, but he even offers up the plans for free so you can build your own. Check it out here. While there have been other solutions like this is in the past - some that provide a breakout box like this and others that modify the controller itself - this is the most expansive such attempt to date.

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