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Video: Gesture input in the 1970s

Think gesture input on tablets is new? The video below proves otherwise. It is amusing to see how the storage media and display technology of the day struggle to keep up with the innovation here, but it is still extremely impressive.

It's a demo of a system used to document PCB and IC drawings from the 1970s. Goodness knows how much this beast cost in the day, but it is stated it cut certain jobs down from days to a couple of hours, so, given the expense of hiring engineers, it would have paid for itself in a reasonable amount of time I guess.

OK, the display itself here isn't touch sensitive, and modern displays that detect more than one point being touched is a significant development, but I honestly can't see how much more effective modern tech would be with this application.

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BASF Demonstrated Apple's iPad in 1986!

AtariAge forum member "Yak" made an interesting discovery when browsing through the June 1986 issue of BYTE magazine. On page 142 is a classic advertisement from BASF with what appears to feature an oversized tablet computer. Heck, even if you think it looks like a regular touch screen monitor (which was likely the intention), it sure looks like a modern day LCD rather than a CRT tube, doesn't it? Thanks to AtariAge forum member "ThumpNugget" for cleaning up the scanned image and making it available. Be sure to click on the picture below and then select "Original" to see it full size.
BYTE, June 1986, Page 142BYTE, June 1986, Page 142

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