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New Wiki Leaks Game for Android: Actually fun?

Tricky Leaks: More fun than controversialTricky Leaks: More fun than controversialDo you remember all the media furor over Wikileaks? Just when you thought it was over, Happy Monster Games has released TrickyLeaks, which you can also play for free in your browser. What's interesting is that the designer has actually ended up with a fun and playable game here, somewhat of a cross between the old pipe-connecting games and Tetris. Also, there's no actual Wiki leaks here; just some made-up stuff. Kinda disappointing; I was hoping for something that would have gamers somehow sifting through the actual leaks to find incriminating stuff. Anyway, check out the game and let me now what you think!

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A True Gamer Revolution Coming? (As in overthrowing governments?)

I was intrigued by an article mentioned on Dan Carlin's Common Sense Show about Gerald Celente, an analyst who studies big trends. You can read about his views here, and I'll post a fun video below. But what really stood out to me was his view that "the youth of the world" will unite--using internet and web 2.0 tools (Wikileaks, etc.) and overthrow the governments. Why? Because we're sick about all the debt and inability to get clear of it.

I'd like to tie this more into gamer culture in particular. I plan to explore this topic in more depth in the next podcast, but wanted to get your opinion on it. Do you get pissed off that our governments seem so corrupt, inept, and unconcerned about you--and feel that it's getting to the point where it's time to do something about it? Perhaps you've considered turning to cybercrime?

I think there's something about the gamer (some might call it a "hacker") mentality that encourages us to see even big problems like debt and joblessness as eminently solvable and not just inevitable. We also don't tend to trust authorities and feel that we could get in there and fix it ourselves if we had access to the information (transparency) and means.

I've formulated a few of these beliefs or attitudes that I think all serious gamers (or at least Gen X gamers) share. Please let me know if you don't agree with one or more of these points and be specific.

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OT: The Rhetoric of Wikileaks

Last week, Konstantinos Dimopoulos of Gnome's Lair asked me to post my thoughts on Wikileaks. I've been keeping tabs on the story as it unfolds, though naturally the sheer bulk and speed of all the coverage (in all media) quickly overwhelmed me. However, when I saw that someone had already created a persuasive game about Wikileaks called Leaky World, I knew I had to try to collect my thoughts on the matter.

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