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Electronic Art's Games Label President says Single Player mode is dead

The article that this blog and personal opinions are based on is located here.

I was reading through some online sites through links that were posted here, and I came across this article listed above. As the title says, the president of a section of Electronic Arts says that single player games are, to quote the article, 'finished.' He backs his statement with the following, 'because online is where the innovation, and the action, is at.' I read his comments and was personally surprised. I know I'm in the minority here when I say that about the only multiplayer games that I play are MMO's. I could turn this into a rant because it bothers me that someone so close to the industry could think that people only want online functionality in their games, but I will attempt to maintain a level head, unlike some of the responses in the comments to the article.

My feelings are that even though as time progresses, single player mode will be de-emphasized in games (it already is, if you ask the people who have played the new Medal of Honor, and Call of Duty games, with their dismally short, and lackluster single player experiences.) but that doesn't mean that this mode should be dropped or reduced to a minor role. If this methodology was accepted industry wide, I wouldn't have gotten to play such interesting new style adventure games like, the whispered world, Lost Horizon, and Kaptain Brawe, a Brawe New World (Thank you Gamer's Gate for the nice sales on these games, so happy to get good games for a price a poor college student like myself can afford:-). These games are exclusively single player and where as they are not everyone's cup of tea, they would not work in a multiplayer fashion. I sucked it up and bought wings of prey, which is a WWII flight game, which has a sizable single player arc, at approximately 50 missions. The game also has a multiplayer function as well, and that is heavily emphasized, but I haven't played it yet.

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