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10 Things I Hate About Gaming.

Sure it's a long response but I DO give some examples lol! A response to thesaintedmagnusshow "10 things you hate about gaming tag"
NOTE: If you don't have time or want to hear my personal examples for each reason no problem, HERE are the 10 things I talk about: (though to be fair, if you disagree with any you SHOULD hear my example first)

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Abandonware and some possible reasons why it exists

Abandonware. We've all heard of it, most of us have even called programs we have it. Many of us have complained about the fact that it even exists at all. But the sad fact is that the term Abandonware is here to stay, at least for the foreseeable future. I'll start with a rough definition of what the term is; Abandonware: A software product, especially a video game, whose copyright is no longer defended or which is no longer marketed even by the company who made it. 1 (sorry don't know how to do superset here.) The definition is simple and easy to understand. A game, or software product that isn't defended via copyright law by the producer anymore.

But how can this exist at all? With copyright laws currently extending life of the creator plus 90 years this means that any product made since the mid to late 1920's should be covered by copyright law, correct? Well, technically this is true, and holds true for all of the software that is termed "abandonware". This means that realistically, every time you download an old computer game, you are infringing copyright. 'But people do it all the time with old software and I never hear of them getting in trouble.' You say. Again, that is true, but the fact is that if the copyright holder at any point in time decided that they wanted to go after anyone whom had downloaded their product without paying for it and you were taken to court over it, you wouldn't have a leg to stand on. But this doesn't answer why it exists at all does it? I've only explained how it technically doesn't exist. There are countless reasons as to why some software is coined as abandonware and I will attempt to discuss a few of what I see as major ones below.

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