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New Game - Cannon War - Now Available for the Sinclair ZX81/Timex Sinclair 1000/1500

Canon WarCanon WarANDRE*** has created another new game for the Sinclair ZX81/Timex Sinclair 1000/1500, entitled, "Canon War", which as the manual states, ""CANNON WAR" is an arcade game like we remember. In the game, you control the left side cannon and the computer controls the right side cannon(s). You lose a cannon every time a cannonball hits your defense line. Beware! You must move closer to the enemy to destroy his cannons. You have two versions to play: Version E1 uses keys 5, 6, 7, 8 and 0 (zero). Version E2 uses keys 1, A, I, P and 0 (zero)."

Check it out here: http://www.zx-team.de/andre or here: http://zx81.ordi5.free.fr/andre

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New ZX81/Timex Sinclair 1000/1500 game, "Ferengi"

Thanks to Yerzmyey for the heads up on a new ZX81/Timex Sinclair 1000/1500 game, "Ferengi", said to be "a continuation of the classic ZX-81 game 'Klingons'". It looks like the archive contains versions for both unexpanded and expanded systems, with instructions to record to a real tape if you prefer not to play in an emulator. Get the archive file (.rar) here. From the notes:

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YOOGOR Released for the ZX81 and Timex Sinclair 1000 / 1500 (16K)

YOOGOR Screenshot: 16K ZX81, Timex Sinclair 1000/1500YOOGOR Screenshot: 16K ZX81, Timex Sinclair 1000/1500This one looks real good for all users of the ZX81 and Timex Sinclair 1000/1500:

"YOOGOR" is an all-graphic, all-animation adventure game featuring Yoo in his first major role. You have previously seen him in "ZXOKO-BAN" and "IZXOLA". If not, go and download the games.

The aim of the game is to guide Yoogor to his lost shield and to bring him back with his shield to his castle. There are 4 major difficulties to do that, 1) the constant threat of falling, 2) the secret of gates opening, 3) the selection of the safest path to go ahead and, 4) the various traps along the way.

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ZX81/TS1000 News for February 2007 (Sinclair, Timex)

Alien Mind for the ZX81/Sinclair/Timex Computers (16K)Alien Mind for the ZX81/Sinclair/Timex Computers (16K)Thanks again to "ANDRE***" for the heads-up (I hope he'll start selling some of these on real media soon!) on the latest happenings in the world of the ZX81/Timex Sinclair 1000:

The first program of 2007 is.... not from ANDRE*** but from
Xavsnap. "TRAIN RUSH" is available at http://zx81.ordi5.free.fr/.
It is a fast arcade game in which you must cross the USA from east to

"http://www.ts1000.us" has extended the program contest for
another year to include the celebrations for the 25 years of the
Timex-Sinclair TS1000, the ZX81 American cousin. Let's go programmers!

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A Bright New Year for the ZX81 and Timex Sinclair 1000/1500!

ANDRE brings us the latest of his regular updates for the world of ZX81 and Timex Sinclair 1000/1500 fans:

New ZX81 emulator for the Nintendo DS! Yes, Nintendo DS owners can now

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Latest Updates for ZX81/Sinclair/Timex 1000 Enthusiasts

Timex Sinclair 1000Andre' brings us his regular updates for ZX81/Sinclair/Timex 1000 users:

What's new ?

NEW emulator for the ZX81! The emulator PSPZX81 v1.0.2 for the
Sony PSP machine is available at
http://zx81.zx81.free.fr/serendipity. Welcome PSP owners to the world
of the Sinclair ZX81 and the Timex/Sinclair TS1000.

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A Review of Malcolm Evans' "3D Monster Maze" (1981)

"Roll up, roll up, see the amazing Tyrannosaurus Rex, king of the dinosaurs, in his lair." Of all the things you might expect to find running on a ZX81 in 1981, a real time, first-person, 3D maze game would probably be somewhere near "impossible" on your list. Yet, that's exactly what Malcolm Evans was able to pull off--basically in his spare time, as little more than a diversion for himself. Nevertheless, Evans' tinkering became one of the most celebrated games for the ZX81 and a forerunner of the modern first-person game.

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New Websites and Programs for the Sinclair ZX81 and Timex Sinclair 1000

Alien Mind for the ZX81/Sinclair/Timex Computers (16K)Alien Mind for the ZX81/Sinclair/Timex Computers (16K)ANDRE is back with his regular updates for the Sinclair ZX81/Time Sinclair 1000 series of systems:

"SUDOKU" is available NOW at "http://www.zx-team.de/andre". You can now
play the game on your ZX81 or TS1000. The coding and the graphics are
from Stafford White and the speed from ANDRE***.

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ZX81/Spectrum/Sinclair Software Updates for August 2006

Alien Mind for the ZX81/Sinclair/Timex Computers (16K)Alien Mind for the ZX81/Sinclair/Timex Computers (16K) ANDRE is back with the next new game in his regular series of releases for the ZX81 and Sinclair 1000/1500 1K systems, PICMAN. Of course stuff is also available for 16K models.

ANDRE's update (light editing for content):


Have you seen SNOOPY?! He can be seen at the Website.

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The Latest Offerings for the ZX81 and Timex Sinclair - 25th Anniversary Year

Alien Mind for the ZX81/Sinclair/Timex Computers (16K)Alien Mind for the ZX81/Sinclair/Timex Computers (16K)Andre', our favorite French ZX81/Sinclair (including the Timex Sinclair 1000/1500) enthusiast, brings us the following exciting updates for the woefully underpowered systems (but that's the fun of it, right?), edited for English:


"GOALIE", the July program is available NOW! Go and get it at

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