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Raw Transcript of Video-game Nirvana Interview

As promised, I am posting the raw transcript from my interview in last week's Suburban Newspaper, which I talked about here. As is often the case, we talked about much more than would fit in a regular newspaper feature, so I thought it might be nice to see the full spectrum of questions and my responses. As is usual for these things, it's me-centric, so the mileage of your enjoyment may vary, but if you stick with it you may gain some additional insight into how I think, where I come from, and what my influence on the Armchair Arcade philosophy is. The QandA:

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My Interview in the Suburban Newspaper, Video-game nirvana

For those interested, the online version of my interview in this week's Old Bridge - Sayreville Suburban newspaper has now been posted. In it, I talk to Suburban's staff writer Sam Slaughter about videogames, my books, and the feature film documentary I'm working on, among other things. At some point I'll release the extended transcript as we covered a lot more ground than could fit in a newspaper feature, but for now I'd love to hear any feedback you might have in the mean-time.

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