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Farmville is a Networking Marketing Scam, not a Social Game

ScamvilleScamvilleThere's a post over at Slashdot declaring a "new reality of gaming." Basically, they're arguing that recent trends in social gaming, particularly Facebook games like Farmville, are showing an increasingly skewed demographic of middle-aged female gamers entering the market. The post points to a number of articles that make the usual assumptions about this demographic, namely that their time and tech skills are too limited to enjoy traditional videogames, but they are willing to play these because of the simplicity and social aspects. Rohin Dharmakumar of Forbes argues that games like Farmville and The Sims, which simulate reality, "are the new escapism." All of this is leading up to the prediction that it's just a matter of time before social games start hitting a billion or more in sales, perhaps eventually eclipsing sales of conventional videogames.

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Facebook Farmville Leaks and Privacy

It looks like Facebook is back in the news over security issues again, this time over a leak in apps including Farmville and a Texas Hold'Em game. The leak amounts to leaking real names and your friends' names to advertisers and trackers. I hope that no one using Facebook nowadays has any illusions about the company's lukewarm approach to securing their privacy, but the fact that headlines like this still arouse controversy suggests otherwise. At any rate, I'm of the opinion that Facebook's unacknowledged quest to wean people from internet anonymity is a good thing.

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