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NeoGeo-X hooked it up and took a closer look

Okay I hooked up the NeoGeo-X and played on it. In 'console' form it is less disappointing for me. The experience playing the NeoGeo classics is actually fun. The Arcade joystick is precise and works well - although it does feel cheaper and nor as durable as the real deal. Read more below...

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"Commodore USA" Accounces a PC in a Commodore 64-style Case

It looks like "Commodore USA" finally got a proper Commodore branding license, and this time it looks like they don't have to lie about it. In the Press Release quoted at the bottom of this blog post, the company talks about their bright idea of replicating the original Commodore 64 breadbox design and cramming PC components inside as one of their new offerings. Besides the fact that something like this would have serious usability and cosmetic issues, and considering the scam they tried to pull when they first formed, I wouldn't trust this company with a penny. With that said, if they were even half-way smart, they would forgoe this silly business with the case and strike another actual licensing deal and pre-load and pre-configure the deluxe versions of both C64 Forever and Amiga Forever, and throw in a good game controller, actually allowing all their systems to masquerade as proper "next gen" Commodores, rather than generic PCs with a Commodore sticker on it. Of course, that would be giving those guys a bit too much credit.

Press Release

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