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Matt's Podcast 4: Can a videogame get you high?

Turn on (the videogame)! Turn on--the gameThis week, I address a question that I'm sure we've all pondered at some point--are videogames really addictive, and, if so, is that necessarily a bad thing? I'm particularly interested here in what it would take to design a videogame that would "turn you on," offering a comparable experience to taking LSD or even peyote but without the potential side effects. How close are we to developing true digital drugs? Will you be the Albert Hofmann of videogames?

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Some Thoughts on Videogames, Autism, and Vaccination

In our earlier discussion concerning a non-linear history of videogames, the topic of immersion keeps rising to the surface (a mixed metaphor if there ever was one). I've always been fascinating by the idea of immersion, or "being in the zone," as some gamers like to call it. But what is it about certain games (and certain gamers) that allows this phenomenon to occur? Is it something about the audiovisuals, the rules, the gameworld, the narrative, or the reward system? Or perhaps it is a combination of all of these? Or is it...the vaccines almost all of us received as children in the 70s and 80s?

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