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Middle-aged gamer's collection #26-31 Tetris box set

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#26-#31 Tetris Box set

Tetris (Gameboy)
Tetris & Dr. Mario (SNES)
Tetris Plus (Saturn)
The New Tetris (N64)
The Next Tetris (Dreamcast)
Tetris Worlds (PS2, Gamecube)
Tetris Party + Tetris Party Deluxe (Wii)

Bobby Fischer was one of the greatest chess players ever - he became world champion in 1972 and could have been champion longer had he been of a more conservative disposition. Fischer was an American and the fact that he became world chess champion is like a beautiful flower growing up through cracks in a pavement. Chess champions tend to come from Russia or the old soviet block countries where chess players are discovered and developed within a system that is part of society - their champions are the inevitable outcome of that system. Fischer came from no such system - he was a maverick genius who came out of nowhere.

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Middle Aged Gamer's Collection #6

#6 Mario Party 7 (GameCube).

My Wii was out of commission this week. I had to send it back to Nintendo's UK repair shop - it was starting to reject discs - even new games. Its over 3 years old so I had to pay £28 to get it fixed. Nintendo send you a posting label but I guess the repair cost covers the postage. You can follow the progress of the job on a website using a supplied repair number and password. Its all quite slick and it took just over a week which isn't bad considering the Irish Sea and May Day bank holiday had to be negotiated.

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Middle Aged Gamer's Collection #5

#5 Outrun 2006 Coast to Coast (PS2)

I love a good driving game. The first one that really grabbed me was Pole Position in the arcade - particularly the sit down version. The immediacy of the control scheme with 2 pedals, 2 gears and a wheel meant anyone could sit down and play and for its time the sights and sounds were pretty immersive. Pole Position seemed to hang around in arcades for years and its more modern day counterparts such as Sega Rally and Daytona seem to have lasted even longer. You will still see Sega Rally in arcades and airports to this day despite its age - it seems I'm not the only one who loves a good driving game. The key word here though is arcade. I find arcade style racers far more enjoyable than so-called simulators such as Gran Turismo. I know that the likes of Gran Turismo are designed for the home in order to provide a deep and longer lasting gameplay experience but the seriousness and absence of that fun factor means I'll reach for an arcade style racer every time.

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