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Matt's Podcast 4: Can a videogame get you high?

Turn on (the videogame)! Turn on--the gameThis week, I address a question that I'm sure we've all pondered at some point--are videogames really addictive, and, if so, is that necessarily a bad thing? I'm particularly interested here in what it would take to design a videogame that would "turn you on," offering a comparable experience to taking LSD or even peyote but without the potential side effects. How close are we to developing true digital drugs? Will you be the Albert Hofmann of videogames?

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Matt Chat 39: World of Warcraft MMORPG Double Feature

Hi, guys. I'm back this week with my first two-parter. The first part offers a brief glimpse of pre-WoW MMOs, including muds, Forgotten World (Neverwinter Nights Online), Meridian 59, Everquest, and of course lots of WoW footage. The second part is a "live" recording of my friend Max Shelton and I doing a short quest and discussing the game. Enjoy!

Part One:

Part Two:

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