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Matt Chat 170: Lori & Corey Cole/Dave Marsh Double Feature

I'm back this week with the show's first-ever double feature. In the first segment, I chat with Lori and Corey Cole about their Hero-U kickstarter. Then I switch to Dave Marsh, to chat about his Shadowgate kickstarter. I know people might be getting "Kickstarter Fatigue" at this point, but I think you'll agree that both of these projects are well worth your money.

You can download the video here. If you like the show, please do your part to keep the episodes coming.

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Matt Chat 169: The Eidolon--a journey into the mystical realm of the mind

This week features a retrospective of Lucasfilm Games' The Eidolon, a 1985 game that builds on the fractal routines introduced in Koronis Rift and Rescue on Fractalus!. Unfortunately, this game requires a manual to understand, so many of us pirates back in the day couldn't make head nor tails of it. The story, detailed only in the manual, has us strapping into a sphere called The Eidolon and zapping off into the unconscious, mystical realm of the mind (it just gets weirder from there). The fairly complex gameplay has us shooting and collecting four different colors of balls, each with different effects on creatures (if shot) and ourselves (if hit or collected). It also boasts some of the best artwork at the time, especially animation.

Download the mp4 here.

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Matt Chat 168: Sandy Petersen on id and Ensemble

Here's the last installment of my interview with Sandy Petersen. We chat about his time on id, which includes a lengthy section on Sandy's philosophy of level design. Then we move on to Ensemble, with a discussion of team sizes and Microsoft's callous treatment of this hardworking and proven team. We wrap up with a chat about jobs and what Sandy likes to see on a resume.

Download the podcast.

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Just a flashback to when I reached 100 subscribers 3 years ago!

Just for fun here is a flashback, this is the video when I reached my 100 subscribers ! I was so happy! Today I have 2842 subscribers a thought that would have blown my mind when I made this. It reminded me of the things I was into then and still appreciate! I think this may of been my first shout out on youtube to Matt Barton / Matt chat. Thanks for the support everyone !

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Matt Chat 167: Josh Sawyer on Project Eternity

Hi, guys! This week I decided to interrupt my Sandy Petersen interview (don't worry, he'll be back next week) to bring you an update from Josh Sawyer on the Project Eternity kickstarter project. Josh is working with Tim Cain and Chris Avellone on what is probably best described as a modern take on Icewind Dale II, though a lot is still in the planning stages. There's a little over a week left on the Kickstarter, so you'd better pledge now if you want to secure some goodies.

Download the episode.

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Matt Chat 166: Sandy Petersen on why paper game designers make better videogames

I'm back this week with part 2 of my interview with Sandy Petersen. In this episode, the maestro of pen & paper games talks about how people like him are better qualified to make videogames than those who jump straight to pixels. In short, the answer is diversity--paper games have it, videogames don't. Sandy also talks about Elf Quest, which he considers a failure, and Ghostbusters, whose innovative system inspired the Star Wars RPG (though unacknowledged). We also chat about his early computer games for Microprose, including Lightspeed and Hyperspeed, and why Sandy turned to the dark side.

Download the MP4 here.
What do you think about Sandy's argument? Would you like to see as much variety in the videogame market as we see in pen & paper games? Sound off below!

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Matt Chat 165: Sandy Petersen, Master of Horror RPGs

This week I roll out the first installment of my interview with Sandy Petersen, author of The Call of Cthulhu role-playing game and all-around gaming icon. Sandy has some very interesting theories about what makes a game scary for players; a lot of what he says will resonate with fans of survival horror games as well as H.P. Lovecraft's stories.

Download the video here.

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Matt Chat 164: Leviathan, the Tone Rebellion

This week I'm back with a new retrospective of "The Tone Rebellion," aka "Leviathan." This little gem from Jason and Todd Templeman is a real-time strategy game set in an abstract, surreal sci-fi universe. You control a tribe of mysterious "floaters" that work the mystical "tone" to erect structures and outfit troops. You must defeat the evil Leviathan by collecting and applying artifacts, thereby recovering the lost knowledge needed to secure victory. Unlike most RTS games with a big map, this one only goes left and right, simplifying navigation and allowing you to focus on maintaining a supply line.

Download the mp4.

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Matt Chat 163: Graeme Devine on the Fall of Trilobyte

I'm back this week with the final installment of my interview with Trilobyte founder Graeme Devine, the programmer behind the hit game The 7th Guest and lead designer of Halo Wars. After The 7th Guest, Graeme and Rob were superstars, but their inflated egos led to one of the biggest disasters of their career--The 11th Hour, the long-anticipated and long-detested sequel. The big squabble was Graeme's reluctance to do anything that wasn't "Scooby Do," and Rob's desire to make cheesy soft porn.

Download the video here.

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