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Matt Chat 53: Doom with John Romero

Here's the latest installment of my interview with John Romero. I need to decide now whether to dedicate a separate episode to Quake or just finish up with one last segment. Anyway, here's the video:

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Matt Chat 52: Wolfenstein 3D featuring John Romero

Hi, all. This week, I return to my extensive Romero footage to bring out the story of one of my favorite first-person shooters, Wolfenstein 3D. Many historians argue that this game was the first "modern" first-person shooter, though there were of course plenty of precedents. Romero points out that it was the first texture-mapped 3D game with a guy holding a gun (earlier ones tended to be tank turrets or flight sim-style games). We also talk here about Silar Warner's Apple II masterpiece Castle Wolfenstein, which inspired Romero and Carmack's game.

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Matt Chat 51 with John Romero

Here's the latest Matt Chat, this time with rockstar designer John Romero!

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Matt Chat 50 - Super Episode with Al Lowe

Al Lowe, creator of Leisure Suit Larry (and Freddy Pharkas!), chats with Matt this week about comedy in games, focusing on his fabulous work with Sierra On-Line in the 80s and 90s. Note that it's broken into two parts for your inconvenience.
Part I:

Part II:

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Matt Chat 49: Nancy Drew with Jessica Chiang of Her Interactive

Here's this week's Matt Chat featuring Jessica Chiang of Her Interactive. I talk to her about the history of the company, Nancy Drew, and what kind of games appeal to women. Enjoy!

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Matt Chat 48: Dungeons of Daggorath

Here's the latest Matt Chat episode, this time on the Tandy CoCo classic Dungeons of Daggorath. Enjoy, and let me know if you played this game back in the day. Love to hear more about its critical reception among Tandy CoCo owners.

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Matt Chat 47: Quest for Glory

This week's episode is dedicated to Lori Ann Cole's Quest for Glory. One of a few truly successful "hybrid" adventure/RPGs, QFG is widely admired even today, with a huge fanbase and plenty of homebrew remakes and patches to enhance the experience on modern computers. Check it out and let me know what you think!

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Matt Chat 46: R.A. Montgomery's Choose Your Own Adventure Series

This week I interview R.A. "Ray" Montgomery, author and publisher of the famous Choose Your Own Adventure series. If you haven't ever read one of these books, I strongly suggest you get your butt to the local bookshop and pick up a few--they're still very fun today (and they've been updated and re-published by the author's own publishing company). In the video, Ray talks about the origin of the series, what makes them so fun, and also shares some moving personal history involving the loss of his amazing son (who also penned some of the books).

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Matt Chat 45: Rogue

Here's the latest episode, this time on Rogue.

Lots of good comments coming in already suggesting great roguelikes. You should also check out our earlier article/bonus chapter The History of Rogue: Have @ You, You Deadly Zs. I point you specifically to the comments on that article, many of which come from the original developers! Amazing stuff.

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