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Matt Barton interviews Chis Avellone of Obsidian Entertainment

Here's the first part of a new multi-part series of video interviews with Chris Avellone, Creative Director of Obsidian Entertainment and lead designer of Planescape:Torment. In this first installment, Chris tells us about his gaming background, which is deeply rooted in pen and paper role-playing.

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Matt Chat 61: Pirates!

Arr! Shiver me timbers! And other such nautical expressions! It is time to set sail with Sid Meier's Pirates!

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Matt Chat 60: X-Com, UFO Defense

Hi, Armchair Arcaders! Kick back in those armchairs and watch a new episode of Matt Chat on the Armchair Arcade Television Network (AATN for short). Even on Antsy the Aardvark would like this one. Remember him? Okay, enough silliness. Here's the eppie!

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Matt Chat 59: The Settlers

Hi, folks. This week's episode features Blue Byte's The Settlers, a classic real-time strategy game from Germany.

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Matt Chat 58: Heroes of Might and Magic

This week's video looks at one of my all-time favorite strategy games, Heroes of Might and Magic. Debuting in 1995 and based on earlier 1990 game called King's Bounty, HoM&M fused role-playing and turn-based strategy games. Hybrids of that sort typically fail, but Jon Van Caneghem is no ordinary mortal. The game is well polished, with great attention to detail and superb audiovisuals. I had a little fun with the video, so let me know what you think! I've also posted some personal notes below.

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Matt chat 57: Tunnels of Doom

This week's show features Tunnels of Doom, an 8-bit classic rpg for the TI-99/4A. Enjoy, and please spread the word.

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Matt chat 56: Ocarina of Time

This week's episode features Ocarina of Time, a masterpiece for the Nintendo 64.

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Some Thoughts on 3D Gaming

After watching Avatar in 3D, I've been thinking off and on about how this technology could apply to gaming. Would those 3D effects make a game more immersive, or just be another gimmick?

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Matt Chat 55: Daikatana with John Romero

Here it is, the one you've all been waiting for! In this episode, we discuss the infamous Daikatana and the ill-fated ad campaign ("John Romero will make you his $@$@@"). If you've enjoyed the other Romero episodes, you definitely can't miss this one.

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Matt Chat 54: Quake with John Romero

Here's part IV of my John Romero interview series, this time on Quake.

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