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Interview with Scott Adams

Hi, guys. This episode is the first installment of my interview with the great Scott Adams, designer and publisher of many early adventure games for home computers. He talks here about his early days as a child prodigy, programming computers and dazzling his teachers and professors with his amazing skills.

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My Interview with Arnold Hendrick, Darklands Designer

Welcome back to Matt Chat! This three-part episode features the first-ever video interview with Arnold Hendrick, the award-winning designer of Microprose's Darklands. The interview covers his background and interest in military history, the ups and downs of Darklands' developments, what it was like working with Sid Meier, and the tragic bug that robbed Darklands of its deserved financial success and sequels.

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Matt Chat Featuring Darklands

This week we head back in time to 15th century Germany, or the Holy Roman Empire to be precise. Arnold Hendrick's Darklands (1992, DOS) was a revolutionary game that offered an unprecedented level of historical realism. Experience what the 15th century felt like to the people who lived in it--and see their wildest fears and dreams made flesh! The combat is "real-time with pause," a style that would become quite popular with Baldur's Gate. Alchemy replaces magical spells, and a pantheon of Christian saints bestow their blessings on the pious. Enjoy the video and let me know what you think!

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Package Video THE COOLEST ACCESSORY for classic Console/Computer!

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Matt Chat 76: King's Quest (The Cursed Episode?)

Well, here it is, episode 76 featuring Roberta Williams' monumental adventure game, King's Quest. This is the game that inspired the genre of point-and-click adventures that is still producing games today. Enjoy!

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Matt Interviews Megan Gaiser and Robert Riedl

This week, I chat with Megan Gaiser (President) and Robert Riedl (Executive Producer) of Her Interactive. Hear the history of this risky but ultimately highly successful venture into the world of Nancy Drew and games for girls.

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Matt Chat 74: Dune II

This episode features Westwood Studios' real-time strategy game Dune II, the game that launched the genre. It also marks my first attempt at using a green screen! Enjoy, and, as always, please let me know what you think of the game and the video.

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Soulgotha Reviews Vintage Games

Donnie (aka Soulgotha) has just posted a very detailed and accurate review of our book Vintage Games. Check it out, and while you're there, be sure to subscribe to this man's channel. I've never been disappointed by any of his videos. He does a range of topics, not just videogames, though all of them are entertaining and worth watching (I especially love his rants, comedies, and magic tricks).

Be sure to mention you heard about him on Armchair Arcade!

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Matt Chat on LucasArts' The Dig

This week's episode looks at one of my favorite science fiction adventure games, LucasArts' 1995 masterpiece The Dig. Widely poo-poohed by critics and dismissed even by some fans of Lucasfilm/Lucasarts adventures, The Dig is nevertheless a must-play game with a brilliant story and very memorable characters. I love it! I tried not to include any spoilers, but as always with an adventure game review, you should consider playing it before watching the video.

P.S. Special thanks to Bill Loguidice for the t-shirt! What a great way to celebrate turning 33!

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MaxRD's Testing Namco TV Games- Ms. Pac-Man Collection unit.

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