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Episode 37: Syndicate

This week, I cover Syndicate, one of my favorite games of the early 90s.

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Episode 32: Tomb Raider

In my 32nd episode, I review Core Design's classic Tomb Raider, which introduced Lara Croft and millions of gamers to 3D platforming. Download it here.

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Episode 33: Jade Empire

In this episode, I cover Bioware's hit Jade Empire for the Microsoft Xbox. This hybrid fighting/CRPG is one of the best games for the platform and well worth playing today. Download it here.

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Episode 35: Alone in the Dark

This week's "Matt Chat" episode is on Frederick Raynal's Alone in the Dark, the French cult-classic 3D action adventure that launched the "survival horror" genre. The perfect game for your Halloween weekend! If you enjoy the video, why not check out our game history books on Amazon? Download the video here.

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Episode 34: System Shock 2

Irrational Games' System Shock 2 is a cult classic hybrid game that straddles several genres: FPS, RPG, and action adventure. It also boasts an amazing science fiction story and some seriously spooky ambiance. In this episode, I offer the history of the game, showing how it can trace its lineage back to Ultima Underworld, a game with which it shares some very intriguing parallels. Like UU, SS2 was not originally conceived as a sequel, nor did it sell very well despite becoming very popular and influential later on. You can download the video here.

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