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What does your preferred gaming genre say about you?

What does your genre say about you?What does your genre say about you?I've been thinking a lot lately about the personality differences among gamers. Some of us love RTS; others are bored to death by them. Some would happily play SHMUPS (ahem, Mark) until they collapse, whereas others find them frustrating or even tedious. In short, there is a broad spectrum of games out there to enjoy, and I'm wondering what your preferred genre says about you.

Read on to see what your favorite genre says about you!

If your favorite genre is...

Adventures. You enjoy fantasy and escaping the humdrum of daily existence, which probably doesn't satisfy you. You have vivid dreams and enjoy feeling intelligent, yet in touch with your emotions. If you veer more towards the LucasArts/Sierra style adventures, I'd say you're young at heart and find humor even where most people don't. This could manifest itself in a zany personality, or someone who likes to make quips.

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A True Gamer Revolution Coming? (As in overthrowing governments?)

I was intrigued by an article mentioned on Dan Carlin's Common Sense Show about Gerald Celente, an analyst who studies big trends. You can read about his views here, and I'll post a fun video below. But what really stood out to me was his view that "the youth of the world" will unite--using internet and web 2.0 tools (Wikileaks, etc.) and overthrow the governments. Why? Because we're sick about all the debt and inability to get clear of it.

I'd like to tie this more into gamer culture in particular. I plan to explore this topic in more depth in the next podcast, but wanted to get your opinion on it. Do you get pissed off that our governments seem so corrupt, inept, and unconcerned about you--and feel that it's getting to the point where it's time to do something about it? Perhaps you've considered turning to cybercrime?

I think there's something about the gamer (some might call it a "hacker") mentality that encourages us to see even big problems like debt and joblessness as eminently solvable and not just inevitable. We also don't tend to trust authorities and feel that we could get in there and fix it ourselves if we had access to the information (transparency) and means.

I've formulated a few of these beliefs or attitudes that I think all serious gamers (or at least Gen X gamers) share. Please let me know if you don't agree with one or more of these points and be specific.

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Are You Ready for the Armchair Arcade Gaming Academy?

You may have heard on the back channels about a big project in the works: The Armchair Arcade Gaming Academy! If you're savvy to the ways of gaming lore and would like to seriously study, discuss, and analyze games with us, start getting your application materials ready. Classes are open to all serious students of gaming regardless of their educational and professional background. All we want are people with the same passion for The Greatest Games of All Time.

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YouTube Gaming Channel Extravaganza

YouTuber Ianwilson1978 just posted a "500 Subscriber Special" that shows off about a bazillion YouTube channels dedicated to gaming (most of them retrogaming). Considering how much work went into this video, it's no wonder that he was able to get so many subscribers! Just imagine how much you could learn about gaming just by watching a single video from each of the channels he shows in the video! I had no idea there were so many of these channels...This community is really growing fast!

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