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OT: Teen self-esteem builder turns into discussion on what a desperate person should do

Rather off topic here, but do you know how sometimes you're talking to someone - let's say about a television show - and the conversation organically turns to discussions of life, the universe and everything, seemingly out of nowhere? Well, obviously with all the blabbing we all do on the Internet, sometimes talking just to ourselves, sometimes catching the ears of others, it can be a bit jarring to confront real issues in this generally anonymous place we colloquially call the Internet. Now, I've made my opinion on Internet anonymity clear before (i.e., I hate it, that's why I have been and always will be me, "Bill Loguidice") - and that's not what this is really about anyway - but after commenting on a blog post, Teen Self-Esteem Builder, at one of my favorite sites to visit, Awful Library Books, which points out library books in active circulation that need to be weeded (removed) from the shelves, the conversation turned very organic and very, very real. You see, as I'm often wont to do - whether it's warranted or not - I often inject my personal mantras/life lessons/lessons learned into my discussions on the Web.

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