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Armchair Arcade Enhanced is Now Live!

Unfortunately, I jumped the gun a bit on declaring everything "fine". Oddly enough, at my regular job, it has still not caught up with the changes, so I was working from the old Website and ONLY seeing that when here. I've disabled all the old stuff now so hopefully there will be no more confusion. I also tried to move all of the changes on the other site to this new site, so everything should be caught up now. Hopefully my work location can catch up by Monday, because I can't even check my e-mail there due to the delay. Anyway, below is the message I had put on the old site when I thought it was the new one, hence the confusion... (I'm using LogMeIn Pro right now to access my home PC at work)

Well, following up my now non-existent blog post from yesterday entitled, "Armchair Arcade Deluxe Collector's Edition", it looks like the switchover to our new host went without a hitch. The reason why yesterday's post is non-existent is that the site on the old host was still being updated while the nameserver stuff caught up, but it looks like everything flowed through nicely. So now we have unlimited everything with Hostgator. I was so impressed with the truly seamless switchover (we're talking new site, old site, e-mail addresses, etc.) that I signed us up for their affiliate program, so if you wish to check them out, use the banner below (I'll probably move my personal sites over as soon as they're up for renewal as well). We're going to kick the tires until our monthly renewal next month and if all goes well, we'll sign up long term. We still have the site (no longer updated naturally) at the old host as a backup plan and that will be active - assuming all goes well - until that's up for renewal again, at which time we'll cancel.

So, in simple terms, what does this mean for everyone? Basically that we no longer have to worry about hosting images and files on our Website. We can record podcasts and store the files here, which can automatically be polled by iTunes. We can store large PDFs of manuals and scans. We can incorporate more images. Etc. The sky really is the limit now.

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