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CP/M Documentation for the Orbquest (1981-82) and Nemesis (1981) Games

After being lucky enough to acquire the ultra-rare RPG/strategy games Orbquest (Alternate World Simulations, 1981-82 (Second Edition), CP/M) and Nemesis (SuperSoft, 1981, CP/M), each on 8" disk, a gentleman by the name of Lorne Knowles was able to convert them to standard 5.25" Kaypro and Osborne compatible disks for me. Eventually I plan on getting around to making the disk images available for everyone to be able to play these games in the CP/M emulator of their choice (or in turn the real world disk format of their choice), but for now, please enjoy the photographs of every manual page (photographs because I did not want to damage the original manuals for scanning). You can see them on Flickr here. If you'd like these in PDF format, please e-mail me, as they're very large file sizes and require download from a shared A Drive. I also plan on making a video of the games in action soon (hopefully). Enjoy!

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