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CP/M Documentation for the Orbquest (1981-82) and Nemesis (1981) Games

After being lucky enough to acquire the ultra-rare RPG/strategy games Orbquest (Alternate World Simulations, 1981-82 (Second Edition), CP/M) and Nemesis (SuperSoft, 1981, CP/M), each on 8" disk, a gentleman by the name of Lorne Knowles was able to convert them to standard 5.25" Kaypro and Osborne compatible disks for me. Eventually I plan on getting around to making the disk images available for everyone to be able to play these games in the CP/M emulator of their choice (or in turn the real world disk format of their choice), but for now, please enjoy the photographs of every manual page (photographs because I did not want to damage the original manuals for scanning). You can see them on Flickr here. If you'd like these in PDF format, please e-mail me, as they're very large file sizes and require download from a shared A Drive. I also plan on making a video of the games in action soon (hopefully). Enjoy!

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Suggestions for imaging CP/M 8" disks or converting to 5.25" disks?

Nemesis and Orbquest (CP/M)Nemesis and Orbquest (CP/M)It would be great if someone had a way to image 8" disks either for use in an emulator or just copied over to another format 5.25" disks (it would take two to hold the contents of one 8" disk), say Kaypro format.

I recently came into possession of two very rare, complete CP/M games on 8" disk (Nemesis and Orbquest), and would love to make them available Web-wide. One is in an IBM disk format, and the other an unindicated format. The programs would work on any decent CP/M terminal, it's just getting them read by something and into a more usable format. The only 8" disk drives I have are for an S-100 add-on for an Exidy Sorcerer, which I have no software for.

Any thoughts/suggestions/assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

(Someone suggested this, but it's well beyond my technical expertise at this point.)

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