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Mark Plays... Soul Calibur II (J)(Original Xbox)

In this video I demonstrate my special (multi console) Soul Calibur II Fight Stick and play the Japanese game on my original Xbox console. Heck, I even try to pronounce the Japanese name for it. It is easily one of the graphically best looking games on the Xbox, really showing off what the device is capable of.

I play and finish the arcade mode single player, fairly easy but this game shines in multi player mode. Take a look how I fared. I had to cut out many pieces of the commentary as that was just a very noisy mess of button presses on the fight stick! :)

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Mark plays... Robotron 2084 on Original Xbox (Xbox Live)

Playing a hidden gem on the original Xbox 'Robotron 2084' a port of the original arcade game on microsoft's first venture onto the online gaming market on the original Xbox.

The game has an 'enhanced' background but for the most part remains pretty true to the arcade original. It is controlled by both analog sticks on the xbox controller and the gameplay is fluid and very nice.

The game is very tough though as only 8 way shooting is possible allowing for 45 degree angles of vulnerability and lots of small objects being hurled your way. Loosing a life is easy!

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Intro soundtrack by Andy C. aka SynthMonkey aka ZombieAndy1979

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