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100+ Resources for Video Game Professionals from Fan To Pro includes Armchair Arcade

Steven Savage of Fan to Pro, The Blog of Professional Geekery, sent word that Armchair Arcade is his pick for the History section of his 100+ Resources for Video Game Professionals feature. Thanks for the recognition, Steven! You can check out the complete list, here, which really is a nice collection of useful links.

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A Start at useful Store and Systems Links

After getting tired of creating and re-creating "Favorites" in my Web browsers and/or generally overpopulating them and making things messy to the point of poor usability over the years, a while back I began collecting videogame and computer store links - which I've been posting on the classic Armchair Arcade already - and system-specific links - which I have yet to post anywhere. The "store" links still need to be categorized, while the system-specific links still need to be fleshed out (to put both mildly). However, I thought I would share as-is for now in case anyone was interested in clicking around in their raw states. At some point, as I'm able to expand these into what I want, I suspect they'll be incredibly useful and perhaps I can do something more imaginative with them.



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