wii fit plus for dummies

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A minor dissapointment, but...

Well, with Nintendo's surprise announcement of Wii Fit Plus, the book I was working on with my wife, Wii Fit For Dummies is now dead. It's not all bad news though, as in its place will be Wii Fit Plus for Dummies. What's really disappointing, though, is that we were more or less on track to finish Wii Fit for Dummies by the end of this month for a November 2009 release. It was also a project that early on I wasn't really "feeling", but was developing into something special. It was of course already special for a "Dummies" brand book because of its full color nature, but I really liked some of the research we uncovered and the tremendous value we were adding that was not necessarily in your typical "Dummies" book. Since Wii Fit Plus will be replacing regular Wii Fit sometime this fall worldwide, the decision was made instead to release an entirely different book, perhaps as early as January 2009. Hopefully we'll be able to leverage a lot of the hard work we put into the other book, but it's probably a long shot to think there will be large amounts of overlap because it's looking to be a pretty significant update, more of a 2.0 than a 1.5. The biggest downside though is that there's no chance of us getting a pre-release version of Wii Fit Plus, so it will be a mad dash to write the book as soon as the product is released to the public. No one ever said writing books in your spare time was going to be easy!

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