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Slashdot's Coverage of the "Vintage Games" Book: Some Thoughts and Clarifications

It was with great relief that the Slashdot review of our Vintage Games book went up on Wednesday. With the continued expansion of the World Wide Web and the vast quantity of high quality information resources available, Slashdot doesn't quite have the impact it once had, but it's certainly still an important and valuable site to have in your corner, particularly when you're trying to bring a higher profile to something like this book (in fact, it helped push the book to a sales ranking high of 3,282 on out of millions of products). With minimal qualification, the review was a positive one, rating the book a very high (for Slashdot) 8 out of 10, with the main criticism of our work being some of the images included in the book and their value in illustrating some of the text. Unfortunately in drawing attention to the images the reviewer failed to mention how nice the images are throughout the full color glossy production, and that - certainly in my opinion - it was important in our limited space to use the images as an opportunity to add to the text rather than merely illustrate what was already discussed. And of course I'm particularly proud of including images and the related history not found in any other work of this type.

Anyway, with all of that said, there are over 150 comments to the review (and by extension the book) and counting, and I'd just like to take this opportunity to clarify what "Vintage Games" the book is and isn't.

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