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Videotopia and Videogame Addiction

Wow! Looks like we hit the motherload today with tons of fresh content that's eminently worthwile. It all starts with Coin-Op TV's interview with Jeff Anderson, curator of the fabulous Videotopia traveling museum exhibit dedicated to videogames. Jeff's an awesome dude! I know you'll be surprised to discover the exhibit's most popular vintage game (hint, it's not Pacman or Pong!). Also on the queue is this absolutely hilarious "vintage" SNL skit about videogame addiction I found on Kotaku this morning (see YouTube clip beneath the fold!). I almost fell out of my chair laughing! Oh, and don't forget to peek at the new Bomberman.

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Granny Gamer: Bustin' the Stereotypes has a clip from "The G Hole" that features a stereotype-busting granny gamer. I loved watching this clip because it demonstrates that videogames aren't just for young males. Of course, those of us who grew up during the 80s know perfectly well that games aren't just for boys--I grew up playing games like M.U.L.E. and Wizards of Wor with my family, and my mother was addicted to GORF. Still, this grandma is able to get into games that are "intended" for the "target audience," but she's not letting that stop her. Still, there's something about her cackle that makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up...Watch the clip below!

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US Game Magazines Reviewed

Nintendo PowerNintendo PowerGameSetWatch is running a column called 'Game Mag Weaseling': Your Field Guide to US Magazine Racks. The author, Kevin Gifford, takes us on a brief tour of the American game mag shelf, offering some history and commentary about each title. He concludes with, "If I was on a one-way flight to Moscow and I could bring any game magazines I wanted, I would buy EGM, GI, Nintendo Power, CGW, and PC Gamer. Oh, and Computer Games assuming I could find it, which I probably couldn't." He makes some interesting observations about RetroGamer, which is apparently so euro-centric that it's difficult for it to attract readers on this side of the pond.

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Gay Characters in Videogames

Author and Screenshots: Matthew D. Barton
Editing: Bill Loguidice and Buck Feris
Online Layout: Buck Feris
Additional Screenshots and Scans: Buck Feris and Bill Loguidice

Notes: All pictures were taken directly from the editors' personal materials unless otherwise indicated
Special Thanks: Buck Feris and Bill Loguidice

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What are your thoughts on in-game advertising?

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A Start at useful Store and Systems Links

After getting tired of creating and re-creating "Favorites" in my Web browsers and/or generally overpopulating them and making things messy to the point of poor usability over the years, a while back I began collecting videogame and computer store links - which I've been posting on the classic Armchair Arcade already - and system-specific links - which I have yet to post anywhere. The "store" links still need to be categorized, while the system-specific links still need to be fleshed out (to put both mildly). However, I thought I would share as-is for now in case anyone was interested in clicking around in their raw states. At some point, as I'm able to expand these into what I want, I suspect they'll be incredibly useful and perhaps I can do something more imaginative with them.



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