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What is the Golden Age of Videogames?

Based off of a discussion/friendly argument I was having on another forum, I would like to bring up the topic of the "Golden Age of Videogames" and what and when that really means. First off, I'm not a big fan of identifying "ages" of things as they relate to videogames in general, though I have certainly found similar types of categorizations convenient for defining and delineating eras, time periods, and the like. In short, it may be a bit messy with lots of gotchas, but it's a convenient and well worn mechanism for organization. With that in mind, I will put forth my own thoughts on what the "Golden Age of Videogames" is and the reasons why, though, as always, your own input will help to come to a better answer.

First off, I'm dismissing the argument that the "Golden Age of Videogames" is personal opinion, influenced by what you grew up with. There can only be one commonly agreed to "Golden Age", implied by the term "Age", just like there's only one "Golden Age of Hollywood". Second, I'm dismissing the argument that the "Golden Age of Videogames" depends upon region. This is a false argument. As with war, the "winning" side gets to name it, which is why it's the "Golden Age of Hollywood", not the "Golden Age of Bollywood". Finally, I'm dismissing the argument that a "Golden Age" is strictly one of prosperity. If that were the definition, then each new height Hollywood would reach in total sales would be a new "Golden Age", just like there would be no argument now in the world of videogames--if you go strictly by financial success and pervasiveness, it's an open and shut case that right now is the true "Golden Age of Videogames". It is not.

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MaximumRD BRAND NEW INTRO. Let me know what you think!

My first attempt at a REAL intro for all future MaximumRD videos. Hope you like it (Be gentle, I am no expert at this stuff LOL!)

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The Goodnight Gamer - Episode 2

Welcome to a very special The Goodnight Gamer - Episode 2, on the serious topic of Manbags, shot on the Flip camera.

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Hey everyone, if you haven't seen this show please check out my video at get some info on a great show produced and hosted by a great guy John Gibson AKA GRILLEDMONKEYFAT on many forums, I am sure once you check out his site and a few of his shows you will look forward to seeing more! As always you comments, feedback etc is much appreciated!

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Unboxing my SEARS VIDEO ARCADE II video....

My latest MaximumRD video lol!

Shaky cam, my thumb in the way at first, and horrible sound levels but that is the price for throwing togehter a video so quickly lol! My Quick and Dirty look at the unboxing of the SEARS VIDEO ARCADE II.........

A MaximumRD video on YOUTUBE.

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MaximumRD presents The Atari Flashback II

Hey guys! I JUST posted this video I finished last night. I wish I had more time to work on these but anyway here is a 10 minute look at the Atari flashback II, I hope you enjoy it! THANKS, any feedback/comments welcome............

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The Second "New Book Being Published" Announcement!

I have great news! The now infamous book on the first 15 years of US home videogames and computers - what I believe will be the most comprehensive work of its kind ever created - has finally found a new publisher. Matt and I are very excited to be working with Andrew Rollings and Hiive Books, well known for The Commodore 64 Book - 1982 to 199x and The ZX Spectrum Book - 1982 to 199x. We're confident Andrew and Hiive will give the material the layout/design and distribution that this deserves. We'll begin work on the book again in late August of this year, after we finish off the previously mentioned book for Focal/Elsevier. As always, we'll keep you posted on the status of this and other exciting projects. By the way, thanks to AA member Harmik for the heads-up on reaching out to Hiive!

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The Goodnight Gamer - Episode 1 - Parts 1 through 4

Well, it's been quite some time since I've bothered doing any on camera work (2004 to be exact) and I was kind of itching to do something a bit different again, so I came up with the idea for "The Goodnight Gamer", where, late at night, after my family goes to sleep (and already in my "jammies"), I go downstairs and do quick 10 minute or less episodes covering all kinds of (mostly vintage) videogame and computer content, much like Armchair Arcade itself. This first episode breaks that rule by being much longer than 10 minutes (hence being broken down into four parts), but was necessary to provide the baseline tour of the "facility". The idea is to have fun and knock these out quick - in one take - with minimal editing and post processing from a cheap flash memory-based pocket camcorder. I'll of course refine the concept over time. Enjoy and I'd love to hear feedback (bad and good). Thanks! [Note: I had to use Revver this time due to exceeding 10 minutes, but I'll get it down for the next episode so it also fits YouTube]

Episode 1, Part 1 (of 4):

Episode 1, Part 2 (of 4):

ESPN Meets Command and Conquer 3 in the Online C&C TV Show

Battlecast Primetime: These sportscasters, er, gamecasters deliver colorful C&C commentary.Battlecast Primetime: These sportscasters, er, gamecasters deliver colorful C&C commentary.

In South Korea, Starcraft became a national obsession, spawning a following comparable to professional sports with star players, matches played in stadiums with play by plays, and even little Zergling sneakers. But what about in the USA? Can EA try to make Command and Conquer as popular in the US as Blizzard did with Starcraft in Korea? EA's new online show, Battlecast Primetime, isn't a bad start.

The first episode runs around an hour and covers an online match of Command and Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars with play by play from no less than 4 commentators, features an interview with actor Joe Kucan (Kane from the C&C series), a preview of the upcoming expansion pack, and no less than 5 commercial breaks for other EA products. The commercials are short at least and the Simpsons game looks surprisingly promising. Players can submit recordings of online matches for consideration for future episodes of the show.

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Contest: Come up with the perfect title for my book!

As many of you know, for the past what, two years+ now, I've been working on a book to be published by No Starch Press and distributed by O'Reilly online and at bookstores everywhere in October 2007 (tentative, but looks likely). One of the issues I and my co-author, Matt Barton, have been struggling with with the publisher has been titling this potential opus.

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