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Mayhem by Matt: HTML 5 Version

Mayhem: Play it now in your browser!Mayhem: Play it now in your browser!Here's my game "Mayhem by Matt" now fully playable in your browser! Blast those planes, crush those blocks, destroy the mighty PLANE GOD OF ROBOT DEATH that waits for you at the end...!

Mayhem by Matt
The music in this version is by Kevin MacLeod. My old music wouldn't work because they were in MIDI format. I also made some gameplay and coding tweaks, particularly to the collision code. Enjoy!

Overall, the conversion process wasn't bad for this one...Mostly just cleaning up bad code from the original. I learned a lot of stuff making Jeepney Jeepers that I was able to apply here, though I still left some of the spaghetti--hey, if it works, don't fix it, right? Have fun! Just click "read more" to play the game. NOTE: For whatever reason, if you're on Firefox you may not be able to click on the "START" button below. Just hit your ENTER key instead!

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Jeepney Jeepers: All-Original Retrogame from Myth Core Productions

Jeepney Jeepers: Multiball FTW!Jeepney Jeepers: Multiball FTW!Armchair Arcade is pleased to present Jeepney Jeepers, the all-new game from Myth Core Productions, designed and programmed by Matt Barton with comics and graphics by Elizabeth Barton.

Aliens have landed in southeast Asia, and the only thing standing between THEM and humanity man and his jeepney. Are you brave, fast, and just plain dumb enough to snap on that space-age laser prototype and defend the earth? Of course you are! So get your butt in that jeepney, yup!

  • An homage to classics block-busting games like Arkanoid and Breakout but with a crazy twist!
  • Blow up blocks, roast the invaders, rescue your fellow humans and--above all else--get to the last level and take on the awesome might of THE GORFINATOR
  • Collect upgrades and unleash the unbelievable block-busting power of the five-pronged MULTIBALL
  • Bust that crit bubble for the amazing SUPERBALL
  • Bounce up them balls as much as YOU want, no more, no less
  • Feelin' lonely? Bust out those poor little refugees for fun, fame, and profits
  • Get the energy boost powerups and ram right through the blocks with your jeepney
  • Surrounded? Don't panic, make THEM panic with your amped up car horn
  • Twelve colorful levels with an awesome retro-arcade inspired boss fight
  • Compete with friends and family for the honor of the High Score table
  • Why ain't you playing this already?

Download this sweet mama right now!
JEEPNEY JEEPERS (version: 1.04b)

And if you enjoy playing this game, please leave us a comment below. It's man and womandatory.

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Replay 2011 - day 1 - Teaser

Had an amazing day at the Norbreck hotel at Replay 2011. Met a lot of great people and the atmosphere was just awesome! And it is happening again tomorrow!

Retro geek heaven this is! I'll be going again in 2012 - it will be held in Manchester city a few weeks earlier even!

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Matt's Podcast #3: The Five Games Every Designer Should Make Love to Every Night

Does Compute!Does Compute!I'm back this week to talk about the Five Games Every Designer Should Know. Read the blog post if you missed it. There's also quite a bit of listener feedback that covers such topics as why Icewind Dale and Neverwinter Nights aren't as good as Baldur's Gate, and why Portal isn't as unique as some people like to think. Enjoy, and feel free to comment below. Who knows, perhaps your comment will form the basis of my next episode!

Grab the episode here: Matt Podcast #3.mp3.
Post a review on iTunes.

Be sure to listen to Chris's episode first.

weekly new games

I am a game addict So i buy way to many games, play them far to little and repeat. This past week I bought:

Rock OF Ages

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Game Over for Consoles

Okay, probable flame bait here, but Peter Vesterbacka (marketing lead for Angry Birds) is claiming that the glorious days of console gaming are over. His argument? For one, as we all know, innovation isn't coming from the big companies these days (the ones who target consoles), but rather indies (ahem, Angry Birds). Secondly, there's a huge cost difference ($60 console game; $.99 Angry Birds). He also thinks that tablets pose a real threat to consoles. The main claim there is that "four generations of new tablets come before a new console." These comments followed a session by Satoru Iwata (Nintendo CEO) who wonders if the rush of mobile and social games might destroy the industry, making it impossible to earn a living as a developer.

What do you think? Are the days of the big three coming to a close?

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Play Matt's First Action Game: Mayhem Matt for Free!

Mayhem Matt: A platform/SHMUP with destructible terrain!Mayhem Matt: A platform/SHMUP with destructible terrain!Here you go, folks: A Matt Barton original! I'm still considering putting in a few more bells and whistles, but I think it's pretty fun now. Are you good enough to beat level 5 and save the planet? Just don't take too long, or you'll get the ground knocked out under your feet. Enjoy!

Instructions: Run, jump, and shoot! Shoot down the planes before they destroy the earth (literally). Collect power ups for weapon and speed boosts. If you get hit with a bullet or fall to your death, you'll lose a life -- and your collected powerups!

Arrow keys move, space bar shoots.

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The Game You Wish You'd Played Back Then: A Personal Question

Blade of Blackpoole: Awesome for '83. But now?Blade of Blackpoole: Awesome for '83. But now?Here's a question I've been pondering today: : If you could alter your history so that you could have played any game that you missed when it was new--what would you choose? For instance, maybe you missed out on a game because of your chosen platform or inability to upgrade--such as the early Amiga or Atari ST hits. Or maybe you took too long to move to DOS and missed out on the DOOM era. Then again, maybe it was CD-ROM games that slipped past you, and you didn't play MYST until long after the excitement died down.

The reason I ask is that we all know it's just not the same to play these games for the first time today. If you didn't play Ultima back in the 80s, you're very unlikely to appreciate it now. The same goes for just about any early classic; even Pac-Man and Tetris were probably much more impressive and mind-blowing back when they were released. No matter how we try to immerse ourselves and overlook the "limitations" of the era, it's still difficult to really appreciate them.

So what game would you choose? If you're having a hard time deciding, make it a top five or ten list.

I can't wait to read your responses!


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The Top Free Browser-based Videogame and Computer Emulator Sites - January 2011 Edition

I'd like to provide the latest update to my list of working emulator/simulator sites for various videogame and computer platforms. All of these enable play directly within your browser, so there's no sticky business of downloading software and finding the necessary game files to get it all going. These are all great sites and we should all show our support. This is the "January 2011" edition of the list and, naturally, I'd love to keep adding to it, so suggest away. Here goes:

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Games Destroying Relationships? Awesome.

Oh, boohoo. Hubby would rather play Call of Duty than snuggle with honeybear. And I'm supposed to care why? You guessed it. It's another silly survey making the rounds: "Could computer games spell the death of your relationship?" (considering that most gamers can't spell anything, much less "deth" and "realashionship," I guess the answer to that question is "hellz naw.")

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